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3/30 - A Grand Coulee man was cited for not having insurance after he ran into the back of a school bus at the Four Corners intersection.

3/31 - A Division Street resident in Grand Coulee was stopped when an officer saw her driving while her license was suspended. She was also required to have an ignition device, but failed to have it installed. A tow was required and the woman was cited for both offenses.

- A woman suffering from dementia had dialed 911, and police were assured that everything was OK.

- A man wearing a bunny suit near North Dam Park told police he was just “messing around.” The officer advised the “bunny” to stay out of the roadway.

4/1 - An officer stood by to assist with a patient at Coulee Medical Center who had started to remove medical equipment. The man was in the custody of tribal police. When he calmed down, the officer left.

- A Grand Coulee woman complained of two loose dogs on Second Street. A man taking care of the house there said he was trying to get the dogs back inside.

4/2 - A woman informed police that her grandson had taken the plate off her car, put it on his own, and that he was now driving around under the influence. She told police that he was on his way to Spokane.

- Coulee Hardware asked for help in getting some rental equipment and supplies back from a man who received them, saying he worked for a construction company. The amount owed on the leased equipment and products was over $2,700.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive complained to police that a delivery truck was parked behind her house with the engine running and the exhaust was coming into her house. Police explained the problem to the delivery truck driver, who turned off the generator and went back to sleep.

- An officer checked on a report that a man wearing a black shirt with red on it was trying to get into a shed in back of the Senior Center. The man was gone when police arrived.

4/3 - The Grand Coulee code officer advised police of garbage strung around a house on King Street. The code officer said that a certified letter had been sent to the homeowner. Police advised by mail of the infraction.

- Two juveniles in Electric City were “ghost riding” with their bikes when one ran into a satellite dish on a house and damaged the side of it. The owner of the house on Gerard Street didn’t want to press charges. “Ghost riding” is coasting a bike down a hill.

- A woman tried to leave the hospital with her newborn baby, which set off an alarm and locked the doors. Police reported that the woman then left the hospital without her baby and that Child Protective Services had put a “hold” on the child.

4/4 - A man who had inherited a house on Roosevelt Drive told police that a man was living in the house without his permission and refused to leave. The officer forwarded the report to the prosecutor’s office and advised the homeowner to begin the eviction process.

Coulee Dam

4/3 - A woman on Holly Street was cited for letting her two dogs run loose after police received a complaint from a neighbor that the dogs were defecating in her yard.

- A man was stopped as he made an illegal turn from River Drive to Elmer City Access Road. He was cited for driving with a suspended license and not having an ignition device as required.

4/5 - Police making their rounds noticed the door of a vehicle on Camas Street was open. After the officer couldn’t raise the owners, he secured the door.

4/6 - Police checked on a name-calling incident on Camas Street.

- A person told police of an argument going on at a parking lot on Cedar Street and that they thought they’d heard a gunshot. Police couldn’t find anyone at the site.

4/7 - Police responded to an alleged assault at a Spruce Street residence and found a woman who had injuries to her face and neck. The woman told police that she had been depressed and caused the injuries herself.

4/8 - An officer stopped person driving with a suspended license on River Drive.

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