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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 

Changing the focus and moving forward, with a little inspiration


One of my desires is to one day be able to help people in need. I have been helped by many members of our community over the years and I have always wanted to “pay it forward.” I recently heard about a heartwarming story that is unfolding in the Coulee and felt I needed to share the bits I know of it.

Christmas can be a difficult time for families that are in crisis mode. Over the past few weeks a desperate family moved to the area. They were living on the west coast in a drug- and crime-infested neighborhood. It had gotten really bad on their street and even the local police could not help them. The only advice the overworked law enforcement could give them was to move. The problem with that was they had nowhere to go, an unreliable car and little-to-no finances to help. Christmas was coming as well.

The past year had been extremely difficult for them all. The father figure had lost both parents in the last year, was raising a medically difficult child and felt his emotions slipping away into his past. But he knew a change had to be made for the safety of his family. He loaded what he could and his family into the vehicle and put the crime-infested neighborhood behind him. He did not know exactly where he was going but he knew he had to get out, and get out now. He was headed to Eastern Washington; he had an aunt there. That was all he knew. On the pass, the car died. Engine blew. They kept moving, leaving the car and most of their belongings in the car.

They did arrive here in Grand Coulee, and that is where things started changing. A lot of awesome things have happened to this family since they arrived, but I want to tell you about one event. Christmas was coming fast and no gifts were under Auntie’s little tree for his family, so Dad went to see what he could do. He went to the Senior Center’s little store. There he met a local angel. A local man there, somehow hearing about his story, offered to take him shopping for his kids, and did just that. The man told him money was no object, which humbled the dad. He had never felt such generosity. His children would have a Christmas. Gifts were bought that were on his kids’ wish lists. This local man paid for it all without a blink or hesitation, drove him home and helped unload it all.

This is the kind of caring, loving community we live in. I hope this family continues to be wrapped in love while they are here. While they get on their feet again. I also hope that as we enter the new year, we can all strive to love each other better. That we can heal relationships with loved ones, healing of medical concerns, conquer addictions and stand firm on our faith in the ultimate love. God is moving in our towns, homes and businesses. This year I hope you will be able to hear God’s calling in your life and move with Him.

There are many stories like this one within the walls of Coulee Country. As we move into 2018, let us look at one another a little bit differently. Let us be a healing community, full of love, acceptance and hope. Let us speak life into each other, even in difficult situations. I want to personally thank the man who helped this family with gifts. I am inspired to be better because of you and your Jesus-like heart. May you be blessed like you blessed this family. And may we all strive to change our focus as we move forward in the new year. Thank you, and may all of our lives be touched by this kind of love.

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