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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

By Jesse Utz 



There are those moments in everyone’s life that you can look back upon and realize the importance of a pivotal decision. Two young ladies made those decisions this weekend and it made me think back a bit.

On Easter morning in 1993, I went under the water in The Assembly of God Church in Electric City. It has since been converted to a home, but I can remember vividly that day. It was a powerful moment that can be looked back on, and it puts a smile on my face. Since then, I have been a part of a handful of baptisms. Levi and Nicollette at Faith Community’s old church, Bonnice at Spring Canyon, Tianna in a horse trough, and Jesse and Neshia at Crescent Bay, to name a few. The actual baptism, itself, is an outward showing of an inside change, but the spiritual awakening is powerful.

It is a little different being the baptizer. Jesus called us long ago to go out and spread the gospel, and baptize in his name. So when you are holding someone about to go under, many things can be said to the one taking the dunk of faith and to the crowds watching in support. But sometimes the Spirit inside you takes over, and what you had prepared to say takes a back burner to what needs to be said. It becomes a personal journey of emotion, healing and growth. A washing away of an old self and a rising of a brand new son or daughter of a King is a moment in time captured by an event of baptism.

Serenity and Kinsley both took that step over the weekend. Surrounded by a church and family, they expressed their desires to get to know God. To go deeper in understanding and walking in a faith of supernatural power and commitment is what they want. Their stories are inspiring and wonderfully spoken and they still have a lot of life yet to go. Their testimonies are familiar to many, but what happens in the rest of this journey with their Savior is anything but typical. Something genuine and special happened Sunday morning in a little church to two young and awesome ladies. I was honored to be a part of it.

In a world where chaos and hate seemed to surround us at every turn, sometimes being reminded of peace and love is just the medicine we need. You, too, can receive that dose of compassion. Reach out to someone who is walking that walk. Speak up for what your heart desires. There is a baptismal, a lake and, yes, maybe even a horse trough that is ready for you. And so is your God. He has been calling you. Take the step.

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