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Consider carefully before you cast your vote


Before you cast your vote — take the time vetting. In other words, “make a careful and critical examination.” Do you “really” know about our Coulee Dam candidates? You already know about David Schmidt and Gayle Swagerty … they actually work for you and they serve us in a thoughtful way.

To serve as a mayor or council member, a board or a committee member is a gift to the electorate. Some may have little or no governmental experience … that’s not important. What is important is if they stand tall with the energy, ideas, minds, AND their ethics. They are the amelioration of our policies and our administration(s). Consider them and value that resource.

We need, depend, and expect for our city. David Schmidt has spent over 50 years serving this community, including as a town council member — two terms. David has a skill set that’s unique …. He knows how to manage and build. He cultivated a first-class credit union system and was elected as CEO until his retirement. David is valuable for his mind and his history to the city council; I’ve depended on him. I’ve relied on his quickness, balance, fairness, AND creativity. He worked and helped craft the need for a change of government and we are now actually a “City.” VOTE FOR DAVID SCHMIDT.

Gayle Swagerty is running for the mayor’s position. She has lived in Coulee Dam for over 16 years and owns a small business. She was born in Oroville, grew up in Okanogan County; she represents Coulee Dam for the Economic Development Committee and she is active and involved with the Association of Washington Cities. Also, Gayle is active with the Arbor Day Foundation and served on a number of boards/committees over the years. Gayle is a productive and creative involved member of our town (city) council. I’ve come to appreciate her …. When we need “active” committee members, when we need help and participatory involvement — she serves. Following my stroke (aphasia), I needed a second voice, a second opinion, a second ethos; and when I needed a second chair, she was always there to help and serve. Gayle has kept up with our projects, problems, and budgets. VOTE FOR GAYLE SWAGERTY.

If you care, if you trust, if you believe, do your part vetting for the candidates. When a candidate claims a history, education, experiences … check up on it! Just because someone walks around the town with a clipboard and a pretense of “expert opinions,” doesn’t translate to reality. Sort out the deception from the reality — you know what and who they are. And when you mark your ballot, do that mindful of the better good for Coulee Dam.

By the way, the county, state, and federal agencies have a plethora of tools for research, including fiscal, certification and/or court records — put them to use. It just might be that they are shills and it’s not worth the “price” for Coulee Dam.

Relating to the current Larry Price political ad, which reads; “… we have no right to complain when THINGS do not go OUR way.” What are those “THINGS”? What is the “OUR” way? After you parse the words, there is no platform left at all! AND then compare before you make a thoughtful choice.

David Schmidt and Gayle Swagerty have been actually involved. Over the current Coulee Dam administration’s term garnered grant-funding (including a grant-funded $800,000 for sidewalks and street projects) and the $7.7 million grant/low interest wastewater treatment facility…. Put it into perspective. Look at our exemplary fiscal standard and performance, read our audit reports, compare our budgets and reserves. By any measure, compare us state-wide. Rightfully, we are proud! And those changes were done without gossip, rumors, and the pretense of “expert opinions!” Re-elect your town (city) council, and insist they continue their good work!

Greg Wilder

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