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7/26 - A delivery person who had turned into the Bureau of Reclamation administrative area was escorted by security personnel to the correct delivery location. Police were called to stand by.

7/31 - A man on Mead Avenue told police that he received a credit card in the mail and was concerned about the circumstances of the card. He told police that he would monitor the situation through his credit standing.

- A resident of Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City told police that she saw two men looking into yards in the area. An officer responded but couldn’t find anyone fitting the description.

- A resident on Hillcrest in Electric City accidentally set off a panic alarm. Police officers checked and found that the resident was OK.

8/1 - A Moses Lake woman killed a deer that ran out in front of her pickup about a mile and a half south of Sunbanks Lake Resort. The pickup was inoperable and the woman said she would have it towed to where it could be repaired. The deer was pulled off of SR-155.

- An officer checked on a report of dog locked in a car at Safeway. The owner of the dog said they had only been in the store a short time. While the dog appeared to be fine, the officer told the owner that vehicles can get very hot and it doesn’t take long for an animal to be affected.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard complained that a neighbor was harassing her by taking pictures of her and her company.

8/2 - A woman was asked to leave a residence on E Street and told police that she needed to go to the hospital because she had been throwing up for the past few days. She said that the parties that asked her to leave had been drinking.

- A reporting party said they were concerned about dog tied under a balcony without food or water. The officer found the dog tied with a short, tangled-up leash surrounded by feces. The officer tried to contact the owner of the dog but no one was home.

- A youth who climbed the fence at the Bureau of Reclamation industrial area to take a “shortcut” was told by police that he was trespassing and not to do it again.

8/3 - Police told a party that was leveling their motorhome at the parking area at Pole Park that they couldn’t stay the night there. The officer told them where a parking site was. They said they would move as soon as they ate.

- Police assisted in getting help for a motorist stalled on SR-174. The person helping was able to get the vehicle to town.

- USBR Plant Protection told police told that a youngster had taken a stuffed animal from the Visitor Center without paying for it. The officer learned that the parents had returned and paid for the animal.

8/4 - Washington State Patrol advised police that a deer had been struck at Grand Coulee Avenue E and Spokane Way. The deer was dead and someone had pulled it off the roadway before police arrived.

- A Moses Lake man asked police to check on his brother at Continental Heights. The man was OK and the brother was advised.

- A woman on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City told police that she thought two youths she saw running fast had committed a robbery. Police went to the area but couldn’t find them.

8/5 - An Electric City woman told police that she thought her brother-in-law might put a hit out on a Wilbur man. She was unable to give the officer more information and was told to get a good night’s sleep and then write down what she knows.

- A man who was sitting on a sofa in the lobby of an apartment on Federal Way was told he was trespassing and to move on.

- A member of the American Legion told officers that he found a baggie of marijuana in the parking lot as they were moving items out for the garage sale. The marijuana was destroyed by police.

- A woman from Coulee Boulevard East in Electric City told police that her dog was missing. She admitted it wasn’t on a leash and was not licensed. Police couldn’t find the dog.

8/6 - Police checked on a 911 call from Sky Deck Motel in Electric City. Police could not find who made the call.

- A woman on Division Street told police that sometime during the night someone had slashed two of her tires.

- A woman complained that a man who had agreed to fix her laptop didn’t respond when she went to retrieve it and reported that the man had stolen it. Police tried to get the man to respond at his Continental Heights room, but no one would answer the door.

8/7 - Police responded to a landlord/tenant disagreement on C Street. When the officer got there the two had settled their argument.

8/8 - Two homeless people camped on Federal Avenue property were advised to leave. One was cited because he had been banned previously from the property.

Coulee Dam Police

7/31 - A Harvest Foods official stated that he had the person who destroyed a sign on video and a town official was asked to keep track of how much it cost to replace it.

- Police checked on a call about someone trespassing on Central Drive. An officer knocked on the door and could see someone inside but they didn’t answer the door.

- A man was stopped on River Drive after police got a speed reading of 49 mph in the 35 mph zone. The man said he didn’t have a driver license. The officer found that he had been issued three tickets before on the same charge. He is getting the fourth.

8/2 - A suspicious person was reported on Stevens Avenue and an intoxicated person on Roosevelt Drive on this date.

- A Nespelem man was cited for driving without a license, no insurance and not having an interlock device as required. He was stopped for having no front license plate.

- Police checked, at the request of the Colville Tribes, on the welfare of a man living on Pine Street. The man said he was OK, and the tribe was notified.

8/4 - A woman was cited for driving while her license was suspended for unpaid tickets after she was stopped because of a faulty headlamp.

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