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By Jesse Utz 

V.B.S. brings life full circle

Jess Shut Up


Once a long, long time ago, I was a little kid, believe it or not. Yep, I was and I attended a Vacation Bible School not far from where I lived in Electric City.

I don’t remember a lot of the lessons, but I remember we had fun learning about God. What I do remember is a puppet show and an older boy there named Rusty. He was nice to me and he helped me memorize my memory verse. I know now his name is Rusty Bowman, and I know his parents more than I know him, but I will be forever grateful for his time and patience back then.

We now come full circle; here I am this week helping at a VBS taking place in Coulee Dam. Little kids from middle school to preschool look to me and the rest of the volunteers for help and answers to their questions as we take them on a journey into the Bible. Excitement is all over their faces as they walk in every morning into the hip hop-type atmosphere to start their day off, then off to their classrooms. Crafts, games and a message on missions fills their minds as the day goes on with a powerful message being delivered each day.

An older kid helping a younger kid is an inspiring thing. I am sure if you ask any of the other volunteers, they will have a favorite time that pierced their hearts a bit, but mine so far happened on day one. There is a girl I know from our community, and she is a little shy and sometimes has a hard time expressing her feelings. She has become a little friend of mine, and I always try to say hi to her every time I see her.

On day one she was the same shy girl I had always seen around. But something happened as the day went on, and I think it can be linked to two things. One was the message she had heard that day, and the other was the high school girl that was with her all day. The younger girl had come out of her shell by the end of the day and she danced, jumped and smiled nonstop at the ending praise and worship time. I had a hard time not smiling and laughing with her.  

It made me think that sometimes we just need to be patient and let the Higher Power do his work. Sometimes we try and force someone to behave, or we tell them how they are supposed to act and we walk away, without showing them. The older girl showed the younger girl how to love, be patient and how to just be yourself. Much like Rusty did years ago with me.

Volunteers for this special event for our kids need an added pat on the back this week. The fast-paced day, packed full of lessons and skits and dancing and snacks can sometimes become overwhelming and stressful. But sometimes there is that little moment when you know God has you right where he wants the both of you. The child and the volunteer. Sometimes it makes it all worth the while.

So thank you R.P. (she knows who she is), and all the other peeps at the VBS this year and every year in the past. You have touched thousands of kids over the years and the world is a better place because of you.

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