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I’m a tenant leasing from Patrick Wilson, owner of 301 Columbia Ave., Coulee Dam, WA. I also am enlisted as his acting mgr. of his properties in Coulee Dam. I live at 301 Columbia Ave and my wife and I have become very discouraged NOT at Patrick Wilson but at the City of Coulee Dam. We have experienced three mass floods at our home, in the short two years of leasing from Patrick Wilson. We seem to have the only storm drain for several blocks north and south on Columbia Ave. From what Ann and I have been informed by Mr Patrick Wilson, he has tirelessly tried to work with city and state officials in order to come to a fix, so our investments, his home, and Ann’s and my investments do not come to ruin.

Massive floods occur into my yards, into our two garages, soaking any items we have in our garages/shops. Patrick Wilson has been given for his and our records photos of the water coming over into our property. We are personally at our wits end and are tired of the damage, personal anguish, the work to clean the terrible mess that the storm drain water leaves behind. I am praying that as of this last flood, between Patrick Wilson and Ann Morfenski and Daniel Morfenski, we will write letters to the editors of the local newspaper again, pursue any action we can against the city and or state. It is not our fault that our life is disturbed each time a rain comes. We as tenants, and owner Patrick Wilson, have the right to live in a safe residence.

All the excuses in the world, it’s the city’s fault, no its the state’s fault, no it’s the homeowners fault. Like I said in my opening to whom EVER this concerns, and it doesn’t matter whom it concerns; what matters is that for Daniel and Ann Morfenski, tenants of Mr. Patrick Wilson, life becomes whole and this is resolved right now.

It is our hope that this letter gets to the proper folks, either in Coulee Dam, or if I personally need to drive this to Olympia, Wa., where you would think that someone in our paid government would be maybe a little bit concerned about this ongoing problem in front of my home. My opinion and my opinion only: if any of the government agencies, and/or the people, that have already been informed about this — if this were their residence, I’m positive that there would be no water flooding their home.

Daniel and Ann Marie Morfenski

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