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8/4 - A Fairbanks, Alaska driver pulled his motorhome into the area at the top of the dam and USBR Plant Protection advised police of the incident. The Alaska man said he just made a wrong turn.

- An Elmer City man was cited for criminal trespass with a domestic violence tag after refusing to leave when requested to by his wife. The report was sent to the prosecutor’s office for possible action.

- A patrolman checked on a report of gunshots being heard in the Noble Road area. Nothing was found.

- A man living on Burdin Boulevard told police that someone had placed a Roman candle type firework in his fence. He suspected youth who he said were up and down the street.

8/5 - An officer who was going to check the 500 switchyard saw three horses on SR-174. The officer contacted the Grand Coulee Veterinary Clinic and a person came out to assist getting the horses into a fenced area.

- Police received a complaint from a Dill Avenue man about someone’s car being parked in front of his residence. He was told to fill out a nuisance complaint.

- Officers responded to a domestic violence call on Silver Drive in Electric City but couldn’t determine from talking with the couple if charges were warranted. The report was sent to the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges.

- A woman on Roosevelt Drive, on whom police were checking at the request of someone, didn’t want to be checked on and refused to come to the door. A neighbor said she had seen the woman earlier.

8/6 - An officer checked out Pepper Jack’s Bar & Grille after an employee found the door unlocked.

- Police checked on an animal cruelty call to the Safeway parking lot, where a small dog was left inside a vehicle. The report stated that several windows were rolled down and when the officer put his hand inside the window it didn’t appear to be too hot inside. The report further stated that the dog appeared to be okay. The reporting party had put a note on the car and called police.

- A woman on Hill Avenue told police that a patrol car had struck her vehicle while backing up in her parking lot. An investigation by a police supervisor revealed that places on her vehicle had been painted over and were covered with dirt, establishing that the scratches had been done much earlier than she had reported.

- An argument between two people brought police to a Hill Avenue apartment where a woman reported that her brother had tossed her keys over an embankment after an argument. She said she wanted him out of the apartment where he had lived for two months.

8/7 - A man living on Dill Avenue report suspicious youth walking down the road at 4 a.m.

- A woman was stopped near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam because the officer knew her license had been suspended. He found that the vehicle registration was outdated and that she didn’t have insurance. She was ticketed.

- A woman watching a house on Roosevelt Drive told police that a pickup with three males stopped at the house, walked around it and then backed the vehicle up to the house. When it appeared that the three planned to take a motorcycle parked in the yard, she called police. The three, when they saw her on the phone, left.

- Fire units responded to a Delano fire at about 10:30 p.m. and put out a grass fire that burned about one-tenth of an acre. Three young boys had a fire going in a pit and one had started nearby grass on fire. When police arrived only one of the boys was still there. A report is being forwarded to the sheriff’s office since the fire was in Grant County’s jurisdiction.

8/8 - Police stopped a vehicle near Miller Avenue that had a faulty headlamp. The driver, whose license was suspended, said he was driving because the owner and others riding in the back of the pickup truck had been drinking and he was the only sober person. He was cited for the suspended license and for not having insurance. When the group couldn’t find a person with a license to take charge of the vehicle, they all walked away.

- A person reported that two people were observed going through a single-wide trailer on First Street. The owner of the trailer said no one should be inside the trailer except the person renting it. The renter of the property said that items in the trailer were scattered. There was no report on what was missing.

- A man on Dill Ave. reported that a suspicious person was seen coming out of the bushes near SR-174 and Dill and then went out of sight. Police checked and couldn’t find anyone. The same person called later to report a gathering of several people at Harrington Place.

8/9 - A woman was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail after a dispute with her mother on Weil Place. The arrested woman had allegedly thrown her cereal bowl at her mother and hit her during the argument.

Coulee Dam


8/3 - A woman on River Drive reported that a vehicle she had on loan from its owner had been stolen from a residence on River Drive. She told police that a man had come to the place and said the owner had given permission for him to use the vehicle. A check with the owner by police noted that the owner did not give the man permission, and in fact didn’t even know him.

8/6 - When the dog in the house barked, a woman on Pine Street looked outside and saw a man break a window in her vehicle with his elbow. She went outside and the man yelled at her and then took off. She drove around in the dark looking for the man but couldn’t find him, and neither could police.

8/7 - A Grand Coulee man was taken to the hospital by ambulance from the front of the Coulee Dam Casino after he said he slipped and fell, dislocating his shoulder when he tried to brake his fall.

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