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Junior rodeo results


Scores of young junior rodeo contestants were recognized for their performances at the Ridge Rider Junior Rodeo a week ago. The winner of the playhouse raffle was Bob Wieldeyer, last year’s queen’s dad.

Winners of the various events won buckles and those that placed second to fourth received cash awards.


Dummy roping - 1st – Ben Richey, 2nd Rocksie Timentwa, 3rd Lucchese Ford, 4th Presley Steffens

Cal stake race - 1st – Rocksie Timentwa, 2nd Lucchese Fors, 3rd Ben Richey, 4th Bodee Gudmunson

Barrel racing - 1st – Rocksie Timentwa, 2nd Lucchese Ford, 3rd Bodee Gudmunson, 4th Millie Baumburger

Goat Undecorating – 1st Shaylando Beck, 2nd Bodee Gudmunson, 3rd Millie Baumburger, 4th Rocksie Timentwa

Mustin bustin – 1st Cadence Clark, 2nd Rocksie Timentwa, 3rd Yahir Corona, 4th Ben Richey


Dummy roping - 1st Sawyer Steffens, 2nd Quincy Downey, 3rd Jaycee Richey, 4th Charlee Buchert

Cal Stake Race - 1st Quincy Downey, 2nd Jayda Taylor, 3rd Jaycee Richey, 4th Grace Grumbly

Barrel racing - 1st Quincy Downey, 2nd Jayda Taylor, 3rd Naomi Yager, 4th Jaycee Richey

Pole Bending - 1st Naomi Yager, 2nd Quincy Downey, 3rd Jaycee Richey, 4th Isabela Timentwa

Goat Flanking - 1st Jaycee Richey, 2nd Grace Grumbly, 3rd Isabela Timentwa, 4th Quincy Downey

Calf Riding - 1st Jayda Taylor, 2nd Jaycee Richey, 3rd Isabela Timentwa, 4th Sawyer Steffens


Dummy roping - 1st Bryson Butterfly, 2nd Brier Selvidge, 3rd Diesel Downey, 4th Trace Fulwiler

Cal stake race - 1st Bryson Butterfly, 2nd Brier Selvidge, 3rd Hunter Nussbaumer, 4th Cooper Ives

Barrel racing - 1st Brier Selvidge, 2nd Cooper Ives, 3rd Bryson Butterfly, 4th Trace Fulwiler

Pole Bending - 1st Brier Selvidge, 2nd Diesel Downey, 3rd Bryson Butterfly, 4th Hunter Nussbaumer

Goat Flanking - 1st Brier Selvidge, 2nd Cooper Ives, 3rd Bryson Butterfly, 4th Hunter Nussbaumer

Calf Riding - 1st Bryson Butterfly, 2nd Brier Selvidge, 3rd Dakota Mcafee


Barrel racing – 1st Jesie Walker, 2nd Abbigail Popelier, 3rd Hannah Beeman, 4th Naomi Yager

Pole Bending - 1st Abbigail Popelier, 2nd Karlie Jo Richey 3rd Holly Gallaway, 4th Jesie Walker

Goat Tying - 1st Josee Newman, 2d Rebecca Hawley, 3rd Tessa Johnson, 4th Brooke Richey

Breakaway roping - 1st Brooke Richey, 2nd Hannah Beeman,

Steer Daubing - 1st Tessa Johnson, 2nd Abby Hinen, 3rd Natalie Yager, 4th Brooke Richey

Steer Riding - 1st Abby Hinen, 2nd Scotti Adolf, 3rd Angalee Beck


Barrels - 1st Clay Buchert, 2nd Willy Abrahamson, 3rd Cash James, 4th Traver Johnson

Pole Bending - 1st Kass Newman, 2nd Traver Johnson, 3rd Cash James, 4th Willy Abrahamson

Goat Tying - 1st Kass Newman, 2nd Traver Johnson, 3rd Cayden Marker, 4th Clay Buchert

Breakaway Roping - 1st Clay Buchert, 2nd Kass Newman, 3rd Cayden Marker,

Steer Daubing - 1st Traver Johnson, 2nd Clay Buchert

Steer Riding - 1st Andy Savage, 2nd Dusty Rose


Barrel racing - 1st Ali Martineau, 2nd Evyn Hauser, 3rd Sammie Jo Merriott, 4th Joy Abrahamson

Pole Bending - 1st Ali Martineau, 2nd Tristan Parrish, 3rd Teigan Johnson, 4th Aubree Skone

Goat Tying - 1st Evyn Hauser, 2nd Tiegan Johnson, 3rd Krista Marchand, 4th Tristan Parrish

Breakaway Roping - 1st Makenzie Marker, 2nd Laatya James, 3rd Evyn Hauser, 4th Krista Marchand

Steer Daubing - 1st Tiegan Johnson, 2nd Krista Marchand, 3rd Ali Martineau, 4th Evyn Hauser

Cow Riding - 1st Joy Abrahamson, 2nd Krista Marchand, 3rd Laatya James


Breakaway roping - 1st Wade Bruemmer

Chute Doggin - 1st Dylan Beck

Cal stake tie - 1st Riley Eres, 2nd Caleb Berquist, 3rd Austin Herrera, 4th Chance Popelier

Steer Daubing - 1st Dylan Beck, 2nd Chance Popelier, 3rd Caleb Berquist, 4th Braden Hennigs

Jr Bull riding - 1st Austin Gordon, 2nd/ 3rd Donovan Abrahamson/ Abraham Medina, 4th Austin Herrera


Barrels - 1st Sage Marinello, 2nd Kaelyn Marchand, 3rd Jena Bayley, 4th Samantha Cotter

Pole Bending - 1st Jena Bayley, 2nd Kaylee Trump. 3rd Samantha Cotter, 4th Kaelyn Marchand

Goat Tying - 1st Kaelyn Marchand, 2nd Rian Perry, 3rd Michaela Allen

Breakaway - 1st Stevie Slack

Steer Daubing - 1st Samantha Cotter, 2nd Jena Bayley, 3rd Kaelyn Marchand, 4th Rian Perry

Cow riding – 1st Kaeyln Marchand


Bareback riding - 1st Caleb McMillan

Saddle Bronc Riding – No qualified rides

Calf Roping - 1st Caleb McMillan

Chute Doggin - 1st Justin Crossland, 2nd Jared Floe, 3rd Caleb McMillan, 4th Jose Medina

Bull Riding - 1st Jose Medina


1st Caleb Berquist and Chance Popelier

2nd Callie Rae Marker and Caleb McMillan

3rd Chance Popelier and Caleb Berquist

4th Callie Rae Marker and Caleb Berquist



Little People – Rocksie Timentwa

Peewee girl – Jaycie Richey

Peewee boy – Brier Selvidge

Junior Girl – Brooke Richey

Junior boy – Clay Buchert

Intermediate girl – Krista Marchand

Intermediate boy – Dylan Beck

Senior Girl – Kaelyn Marchand

Senior Boy – Caleb McMillan

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