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Fifty Years Ago The Grand Coulee High School of 1964 includes from left – bottom row: Pat McClain, Echo Sharr, Dave Jurgensen. Don Cooper, Susan Fahr, Bucky Hart, Lance Orr, Diana Allen; second row – Don Kirkpatrick, Matt Alling, Cheri Tallent, Larry Thomas, Janice Klobucher, LeRoy Simpson, Linda Mettling, Rob Wilson; third row: Sheila Auby, Ray Noggles, Bobby Nolan, Ron Pachosa, Denise Perkins, Cheri Childs; fourth row: Terry Weitzel, Carol Bise, Benny Horton, Pat Perkins; top row – Sandi Mattson, Steve Sutton, Carolyn Henke, Robert Grosso, Charles Seaton, Linda Gordon, Lad Kohout.

10 Years Ago

Two females sustained injuries Sunday when a rifle that a boy was putting away in his truck accidentally went off. The bullet grazed one female on the arm and hit the other in the shoulder. They both were treated at Coulee Community Hospital and an investigation into the incident is underway by Colville Tribal Police.

Charles Toulou, Charles Bart, Leonard Holt and Eddie Covington all received their  honorary LRHS Diplomas Saturday, along with the 43 graduates of Lake Roosevelt. All four were WWII veterans whose education was interrupted by the war.

20 Years Ago

The top Scholarship winners at this year's LRHS graduation were: Greg Evans who took three scholarships totaling $18,440; next was Sarah Lockenvitz who received a total of 13 scholarships totaling $15,650, the third highest was Reymundo Diaz receiving two scholarships totaling $11,500. The whole class received over $70,000 in scholarships and grants.

30 Years Ago

In the late hours of May 30th a fire broke out in the home of Phil Griese. His two sons, Luke and Matt, were home and in bed. Phil was asleep on the couch but was awoke by the thick smoke. Phil and Luke made it outside but Matt did not. Phil returned to the room of his son and found him under his bed and took him outside to safety. When newly hired Officer John Tuffs arrived he started CPR on the 11 year old, Matt, and revived him.

40 Years Ago

Congressman Tom Foley stopped in briefly at the Third Power House construction site Saturday and was given a tour of the project. Foley viewed the fabrication of the 550 ton turbine wheels and scroll case installations in the turbine pits.

50 Years Ago

Mrs. Gary Akers watched Lloyd Olbricht, installer and repairman for Pacific Northwest Bell, install her new pink telephone this week.

60 Years Ago

The Chief of Police, Dick Nicolle had his car stolen Wednesday night while he was in the Roosevelt Theater. The police car was stolen by a man from Toppenish, Wasj/. but he did not get very far. The reason. Dutch. The police chiefs very large canine friend was in the back seat and apparently not very happy with the car thief. The man was booked into city jail and was given five days hard labor by the judge. Dutch was named honorary Police Chief.

for a day by his appreciative master.

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