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Grand Coulee


6/1 - While responding to a disturbance on Main Street, an officer found a person there wanted on a warrant. The man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police checked on a non-injury accident at Four Corners where drivers from Electric City and Tonasket ran into each other.

- An Electric City man known to have a warrant for his arrest was seen, arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

6/2 - Police received a court order that allowed a man to take his belongings from a residence on Center Street. Police stood by as the man took his things from the house.

- A Soap Lake man who had parked his vehicle in a Bureau of Reclamation restricted area was asked to move his vehicle. He removed the vehicle after telling the officer that he was there responding to an emergency.

6/3 - An officer provided a backup while tribal officers responded to and searched the Colville Tribal Museum after an alarm went off. Nothing was detected as unusual.

-Police responded to the Senior Manor where a man told the officer that another person living there had threatened him. The man who allegedly made the threat returned to the area, but fled when he saw the patrol car. No action was taken.

- A resident on Continental Heights said that someone had stolen about $500 worth of tools from his storage locker in the basement. He told police that he hadn’t been to the locker in about a month.

6/4 - Police picked up a stray dog between the post office and the former Sage Inn. The stray was taken to the veterinary clinic.

- Police checked on a report of an elderly man banging on doors of residences behind a church on Goodfellow in Electric City. Police stated that they couldn’t locate an elderly man in the area.

6/5 - Police were directed to a residence on Stevens Avenue in Electric City where the reporting party said they’d heard a woman say, “Don’t kill me.” Police said everything was quiet but the officer did find a woman standing outside a house who said a gust of wind had blown her glasses off and that she was looking for them. The officer assisted in looking for the glasses but they were not located. The woman asked to be transported away from the residence and the officer drove her to another location in the city.

- Police decided that a repeated request by a man to have an officer check on his daughter was unfounded. A check was made and everything with the child was determined to be OK.

- A businessman told police that a person was passing second-party checks and that he would supply the checks and see if his in-store video system showed who was passing the checks.

- Police were called by Plant Protection in regard to kids climbing on the restrooms at the lower Visitor Center parking lot. An officer was advised by an adult that when they saw the kids up there they told them to get down. It was reported that there were 20 or more kids in the park from a visiting school group.

6/6 - Police were called to do a welfare check by a man who wanted an officer to check on his daughter, who lives with her mother. The report stated that police feel the man is trying to use the police department to harass the mother. On several occasions police have checked on the daughter to find that nothing was wrong.

6/7 - Police were informed that a water main had broken near Crest and Hillcrest in Electric City. The city’s crew was notified and police blocked off the street.

- A dog was chasing children riding their bikes on Burdin Boulevard. Police contacted a family member and they said they would get the dog.

- A man told police that he was the owner of a bag of computers recently found and reported. He identified the items in the bag and regained possession of them.

- A man on West Grand Coulee Avenue who was reported to have a mental health issue told police that he had a bad reaction to medication he was taking. The man agreed to see his doctor concerning the issue.

- A man requested a welfare check by Child Protective Services. They called police, who told CPS that it was the third welfare check requested by this person and that on the other occasions the check revealed that all was well with his daughter, who lives with the mother. CPS and police checked on the girl and found that everything was fine.

- Plant Protection advised police that a third party reported what they thought was an explosive device attached to the fence at Pole Park. The officer found a pest detector that had been placed on the fence by the Department of Agriculture.

- Plant Protection told police that there was a hole under the fence at the 230kV Switchyard.

The officer filled the hole back up and stated in his report that it was likely caused by an animal.

- Police checked on a report that a man was yelling at a woman in the laundry room at a place on Continental Heights. The man told police that it was the woman who was yelling and screaming. He was told to stay away from her.

6/8 - A woman in the Midway/Young Street area told police that a man walked by and started yelling at her and her family, so they yelled back at him. The police report stated that the man was too intoxicated to explain his behavior.

- A man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail for burglary after, police stated, he entered the residence after the person who owned it had told him to go away. He said it was all a misunderstanding, but ended up in jail anyway.

6/9 - A man at a house on 2nd Street NE, in Electric City, told police that his girlfriend was pounding on his door asking for her phone. He told police that he didn’t have the phone. Police asked the woman and a man with her to leave the area and not talk to the man in the house.

Coulee Dam


5/25 - A woman on Yucca reported her 2002 Chrysler had been stolen. She told police that she had purchased the car in Spokane and that shortly after the transmission went out. She said the place where she purchased the vehicle said they would pay half the expense of a new transmission. She said that she and a man who co-signed on the car hadn’t paid their half yet. The woman was in contact with the place where the car was purchased and they reported that they had not repossessed the car. A neighbor said he saw a white car near the driveway late at night and minutes later the car being driven away. The woman filled out a stolen car report.

- A woman on Crest Drive complained that barking dogs kept her awake at night. An officer spoke with the owner of the dogs and told him of the complaints and explained that the town ordinance didn’t allow more than two dogs. He said he would try to keep the dogs from barking.

- Police were advised that two tribal officers were looking for a man on Aspen. When the officer found the tribal officers they advised him that they had their man in custody.

5/31 - A man who made an abrupt turn on to Pine Street was stopped by police, who learned that the man had several warrants out for his arrest. He was taken to Okanogan County Jail on the warrants.

6/1 - A man working on a vehicle in a garage on River Drive told police that a man had walked in the garage, pointed a gun at him and asked for the keys to his car. He gave him the keys and the man drove off. The victim told police that he looked around town and found the car on Camas Street. The key in his vehicle was still in the ignition switch, but his other keys were missing. He told police about the man with the gun and that the man had a girlfriend in Coulee Dam. Police were able to put together a compilation of mug shots and are looking for the owner of the car to see if he could identify the man with the gun.

6/2 - Police notified a resident on Central Drive that they were in violation of town ordinance and needed to clean their property up.

6/3 - An Electric City woman told police that she visited the Coulee Dam Casino and had left her checkbook and credit cards in the vehicle. She said she left the windows down because it was hot outside. When she returned to the vehicle the checkbook and credit cards were gone.

- A woman reported that there was a vehicle on Aspen Street that had a flat tire and the driver had been drinking. Police found the car at the Exxon Station with the driver inside. She said she had been drinking screwdrivers and that she wanted someone to fix her tire. She was given a courtesy ride to her residence in Grand Coulee and told to not drive the car herself.

6/5 - A homeowner on Walnut Street was advised that his property was in violation of the town’s ordinance and he needed to clean it up.

- Police found a man who was passed out near Crest and Camas. The officer and a second officer who came to the scene tried to wake him. When they failed to so they called for an ambulance. There was an empty bottle of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey and a second bottle half full nearby. The man finally woke up and became testy, ripping the watch off of one officer’s hand. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center to see if he was able to be incarcerated, and the attending health professional said he was. He was taken to Okanogan County Jail facing charges of third-degree assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

6/6 - A woman who lives on Central Drive reported that she had heard around town that a man had stated he was going to assault her son, a minor. She said the man jumped out in front of her son’s car and she was concerned about what the man might do.

- A man on Civic Way was advised that he was in violation of the town code because his property needed cleaning up, his dog was repeatedly barking and the place where the dog was kept was dirty. He was given time to clean up the mess.

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