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5/18 - A Kennewick man was cited for being in control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol after he was found in the backseat of a pickup with the motor running, blocking the alley near Bird’s Auto.

- A tenant at a Hill Avenue apartment reported a harassment incident after the apartment manager encouraged her to call police. She was told to keep a log on any harassment incidents and seek an anti harassment order.

- Police responded to a report of loud music on “E” Street and found the Lost Highway Band practicing. They were told to keep the volume down.

- An Electric City man who owns storage units in Coulee Dam reported that four of his storage units had been burglarized and that he wasn’t able to reach a police officer there. He was advised to contact Okanogan dispatch center.

5/19 - Dispatch reported a suspicious vehicle near the fish pens in Electric City. An officer went to the site and found four people fishing.

- Police assisted a large truck making a wide turn onto SR-155 near the lower Visitor Center parking lot by stopping traffic for the driver.

- A caller advised police that the side door to the former Bobbie Pin Salon was standing open. The officer found the owner inside working.

- USBR Plant Protection asked for an officer to stop traffic near the top of the dam so an oversized truck could make the turn onto SR-155.

- An officer checked on a call about a domestic incident at an apartment on Hill Avenue. A woman there said she wanted a man to leave and stated he had just come to the apartment and she wanted him gone. A neighbor said the man had been living there with the woman ever since she moved in. The two were advised to work out the problem through the courts. Later the officer was called to the unit again because it was reported that the woman had locked herself in the bathroom and had stated she would take all of her pills. When contacted by the officer the woman said she didn’t have any pills in the bathroom with her. She said she didn’t intend to hurt herself.

5/20 - A person complained that a woman let her two dogs out at 10 p.m. every night and that they would bark and disturb the neighborhood. The officer arrived and could hear the dogs and the two dogs went inside. He knocked at the door but no one answered.

5/21 - A woman told police that her 3-year-old and 5-year-old children had been assaulted while inside the “Fun House” at the Colorama carnival by a 10- to 12-year-old. She said she tried to communicate with the older kid’s parents but they didn’t want to talk with her. The carnival was here May 9, 10, 11.

- A woman on Sunset in Electric City said her neighbor had some kind of surveillance system aimed at her house. Police talked with the neighbor who explained that the bird house in question was not a surveillance camera but a system that put out a high pitch sound to keep the woman’s dogs from barking. The woman was incensed that the man was trying to control her dogs while they were on her property.

5/22 - A Coulee Dam driver was stopped because of a faulty tail lamp. The officer found that he didn’t have insurance and cited him.

- A man staying at the Trail West Motel told an officer that he had some $1,500 worth of fishing equipment and tools taken from his boat while it was parked at the motel.

- A locker search at the middle school turned up a Cheetos bag with a Rockstar can with burnt marijuana and tobacco. A report was sent to Grand County juvenile authorities.

- A business owner reported to police that he had been receiving calls that his power was about to be turned off. A spokesman at Grant County PUD reported that they had been informed of similar calls. The man’s bill was paid up to date.

- An officer chased three teenagers off the high rocks at the end of North Dam. They said they were just exploring.

- Police checked on what had been reported as a burglary in progress on Fifth Street in Electric City and found three men who said they had been hired to clean up the lot. A check with the homeowner revealed that he indeed had hired the three and said he was threatened with a fine by Electric City if his place wasn’t cleaned up.

- Police checked on a reported traffic hazard near La Presa Restaurant and found an Omak man who was hitchhiking and had been in the roadway. He was told to stay off the highway.

5/23 - A Leavenworth man and his son were confronted for fishing in a restricted area below the USBR Visitor Center. When the officer arrived, he noticed the man had a pistol strapped to his side. He was told he was in violation of the regulation forbidding firearms on federal property. The pair were released and the pistol returned as they left the area.

5/24 - A person complained to police that the music coming from the Wolf’s Den was too loud and preventing them from sleeping. When confronted, the bartender said that the police shouldn’t be giving them a hard time. Police told the bartender to contact the city council.

- A Grand Avenue woman in Electric City reported to police that her children were missing. Police located the children and returned them to their mother.

- An Elk, Wash. man was cited for a range of issues when he “rolled” a stop sign and nearly struck a patrol car. He was cited for first-degree negligent driving after admitting to two doubles and a single of scotch and having marijuana and a pipe in his possession. Additional charges included failing to stop, having no insurance, and not wearing a seat belt.

- Two Spokane fishermen were told to move out of a restricted area below the dam. They complied.

- Plant Protection advised police that someone had parked a pickup on the sidewalk in front of the restrooms below the Visitor Center. Police located the man who was told to move the vehicle immediately or a tow truck would be called. He moved the truck.

- Plant Protection advised that a man had locked himself out of his vehicle below the Visitor Center. He asked police to open the car for him, but was advised they could not. A tow truck took the vehicle to Jack’s Service.

- A person complained that music from a live band at Electric City Bar & Grill was too loud. The owner was told that if they didn’t keep the noise level down they could be cited for breach of the peace.

- The owner of Electric City Bar & Grill was cited for breach of peace for too loud music. The officer’s report stated that he had been there earlier to warn the bar and this time he could hear the music from 1,500 feet away. The patrol report stated that a man who is hard of hearing complained because the music was so loud it kept him from sleeping.

- Police were advised that a man in Electric City who is not suppose to have contact with minors was playing frisbee with two minors. The information was sent to the Department of Corrections.

- A Tucson, Arizona man was told to leave the restricted area on the west side of the river near the dam. He said he was just walking along the river talking on his cell phone. He left the area.

- An Auburn woman locked her keys in her vehicle along with her infant. Tools were found and the door was opened.

Coulee Dam Police

5/18 - Police are investigating the break-in of four storage units. They contacted one of the parties who reported that a saw and some old records were missing. Locks on the units had been cut. Police are trying to contact the renters of the other units to see if anything was taken.

5/21 - A notice went out to a resident on Central Drive that their property was in violation of the town’s nuisance ordinance. The party was advised that their property needed to be cleaned up or they would be fined.

5/22 - A young girl was caught stealing two breakfast sandwiches at Harvest Foods. She told the officer that she was hungry and didn’t have money. She was taken to the police station and her father was called. She will be charged with theft.

- A Fir Street resident was informed that he was in violation of the town ordinance that makes it illegal to park on the town’s parking strip. The resident was given notice to remove the vehicle or get fined.

- Police checked on a domestic dispute report on River Drive. The officer knocked on the doors of three residences but couldn’t get anyone to come to the door.

5/23 - A woman on Spruce Street reported that high school kids were racing down her street and that when she yelled at them to slow down they gave her the finger. Police stated they would patrol the street.

5/25 - A woman on Yucca Street reported that her Chrysler had been stolen from her driveway. A neighbor reported that a white passenger car was seen in the area before she saw the missing car drive off.

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