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Re: "Wild horse race added to May 24 event"


This is about the wild horse race. People may think this is fun and exciting, but it's at the expense of the state of fear and stress on an animal that has not been around humans. It is cruel. Those of us who know horses, do our best to take the fear out of horses, and this has to be traumatic on them. They probably feel like the Christians that were turned into the arena with the lions.

Patricia Hayes

This is a terrible idea! To terrorize wild horses like this for entertainment is nothing short of cruelty and inhumane. Rodeos will be rodeos but to use horses this way is disgusting and I hope they reconsider this event.

Julia Somtherman

This is the most inhumane thing that people can do to a wild horse! So I will boycott this rodeo and let people know to do the same! Too bad people are so stupid and ignorant that they would do this! Grow up and put a stop to this insanity before it starts. Maybe someone should put a bit in your mouth and jump on your back and ride you around in front of people! Stop being so stupid!

Berinda Van Cleave

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