Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee


3/26 - A resident of “E” Street complained to police that his wife was being harassed at her place of work and the caller had tried to get her in trouble. The firm is looking into the problem.

- A Royal City man and a man from Wilbur were warned about walking over North Dam after dark. They left the area after police talked with them.

- A woman was stopped after an officer saw her talking on her cell phone while driving near Center School. The officer could smell alcohol when he talked with her and the driver admitted to having a drink. She was cited for driving under the influence and cell phone use while driving.

3/27 - Police were notified that a house on West Grand Avenue in Electric City had been entered without permission and were shown that the residence had been entered through a storage area.

- An officer noticed thick black smoke coming from a fire behind a house at East Grand Coulee Avenue and found a homeowner was burning building materials. The materials were removed from the fire and the homeowner was alerted to the law about burning.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

3/28 - A storage shed at the Eagles Lodge was forced open with a crowbar and eight frozen hams and two 40-count boxes of hamburger patties were taken. The crowbar was left at the scene and was sent to the state lab to see if fingerprints could be taken from it.

3/29 - An official from USBR Plant Protection told police that he heard the rapid fire of a gun coming from what he thought was the “B” Street area. Police couldn’t locate anything.

- A man came out and yelled at firefighters who responded to a fire on Wenatchee Avenue in Delano. The man yelled and blew an air horn at firemen and was told to stop it or he would be cited.

3/30 - Tribal police advised an officer that a person had damaged a cabinet in Coulee Medical Center’s emergency room and that the damage prevented staff from opening the cabinet door. The value of the cabinet was estimated at $1,000, and both a tribal and Coulee Dam officer were present when the damage occurred. The man will be cited when the exact amount of damage is determined.

Coulee Dam


3/23 - Police checked on a woman and young child sitting on a bench near the Coulee Dam bridge. The woman said she was okay and the officer left and checked on her name and found she had a warrant out for her arrest. The officer returned and arrested the woman and a person was called to take charge of the child. The woman was taken to Grant County Jail.

3/25 - A man turned in a wallet he found near Sixth and Holly streets. Police tried to contact the lady that owned the wallet but were unable to. The wallet is being held by police until the owner can be located.

3/27 - Police were called to Lake Roosevelt High School after a drug dog hit on property belonging to four different students. Smoking devices were found in four backpacks. School officials found several items that they showed police, including a baggie with a green leafy substance and some smoking pipes. The report was forwarded to the Okanogan County prosecutor’s office for possible action.

- Police went to check on a man lying face down on the ground across from the Coulee Dam Casino. A woman there said the man just wanted to take a nap. Since the officer observed that the two had been drinking and they stated they wanted to walk to a site in upper Grand Coulee, the officer drove them there.

- Police were asked by tribal police to bring a “spit mask” to Coulee Medical Center because a woman had spit on an officer. The woman, who had consumed some alcohol, eventually quieted down. The tribal officer cleaned the spit from his uniform and the woman was placed in the Tribal police car for transport.

3/28 - A woman was picked up at the Coulee Dam Casino on a warrant and she was taken to the Okanogan County Jail.

- An officer noticed a vehicle in the Exxon station that had expired license tabs. He waited for the vehicle to leave and then stopped it. The driver said he was aware that the tabs had expired and said his mother had planned to renew them the next day. He was cited on the tabs and for not having proof of insurance.

3/29 - A man told police that while he was in a house on River Drive someone broke the door handle on his vehicle trying to get inside.

3/30 - Police responded to the fire station, where an intoxicated man reportedly was going to take his own life. Police stood by while the man was placed in a Tribal Police car, then went to the hospital to assist tribal police if necessary. The subject was combative and kicked a cabinet in the emergency room, damaging it.


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