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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Re: "Commissioners to look for cause to fire hospital CEO" (March 12)

Letter to the Editor


In reading the article on the hospital board meeting I find it appalling that Administration "incentived high performance team," was rewarded for the hostile work environment they created. To have staff members low census to the point of no leave or having to apply for food stamps to survive.

The CEO had the audacity to state employees would receive bonuses in the future. What, a $55 Safeway card or a 40-cents-an-hour raise! I do not want to sound ungrateful, but believe me, no one ever received a nice raise or COLA while I was there, 2009-2012. You were at the mercy of the HR director, and her attitude, along with her bogus salary chart.

At one point staff was told it was illegal to give bonuses/gift cards — then BINGO, they were given but employees were taxed.

The so-called “road show” lasted about one time to each department, if that, and served no point. No one dared speak out for fear of losing their job.

MR. CEO, PLEASE GO and take your "incentived high performance team” with you. Allow the community to become a community once again and have THEIR hospital and physicians back.

Gerry Salstrom

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