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3/5 - An Electric City man living on Goodfellow Street reported to police that someone had stolen a TV set from his porch. He told police he had received the 32-inch set in the mail and it had been placed on his porch. He discovered it missing the same night as he received it.

3/10 - USBR Plant Protection told police that a conflict between two employees was brewing and when an officer told the man his statements would be recorded, he said, “Have a nice day,” and left the conference room.

3/11 - An officer checked on a couple thought to be trying to enter a house on Burdin Boulevard. The officer learned their identity and explained why he was checking on them.

- A woman told police that she had placed some items in a storage unit in Electric City and when she returned to the unit she found that her lock had been cut and the items gone.

- A Burdin Boulevard woman was cited for not stopping at Four Corners and for not having insurance.

3/12 - Plant Protection told police that someone was fishing off Marina Way in a closed area, but by the time police arrived the man was gone.

3/13 - A Hill Avenue man showed police a note detailing that a man had been following him and had once threatened to shoot him. He said that the man follows him in a van when he takes his walks.

- Plant Protection advised police that two suspects were walking between the Tanner Gates at North Dam Park. Police were later advised that the two were on the north side of the canal. Plant Protection advised the officer that it wouldn’t be safe to pursue the pair since it was dark and they were walking over a rock pile. Later Plant Protection stated that the pair were back at the Tanner Gates. An officer advised the pair that they were after hours and needed to leave. The two, one from Ephrata and the other from Soap Lake, were escorted to their vehicle and given a trespass warning.

3/14 - A Coulee Boulevard resident advised police that they had at their residence a 2-year-old child who was apparently lost. When police arrived the mother had taken the child. Police went to the child’s home and the father said that the dogs had pushd the back fence over and he hadn’t noticed his two children missing. He said he had located one of the children, but not the other. Police found the mother and the child at the grandparents’ house and advised the mother that the report would be sent to Child Protective Services for review.

- Police found a man among vehicles at a business on Grand Coulee Avenue who stated that his own vehicle had a bad spark plug and that he was looking for a spark plug around the area. He started his vehicle to show the officer that it was missing on one cylinder. He said he couldn’t fix his vehicle and so left the area.

- A man trespassing on Bureau of Reclamation land protested to an officer who stopped him that the land belonged to the people and the officer had no right to stop him. The officer told the man that it was after dark, and the man had passed numerous signs telling him the area was off limits and that if he returned he would be arrested.

- Officers went to the landfill to check on an alarm that went off. An employee stated that the wind had blown a door open and it set off the alarm.

- An officer noticed a vehicle with outdated plates, last registered in 2009. He later saw the vehicle pull out from its Alcan Road NE location and stopped it. The driver became irate on being stopped and said he had recently purchased the vehicle and was on his way to get it re-registered. When asked about the title, the man said he left it home. He was cited for the expired license, not having insurance and for a missing/improper bumper.

- A Moses Lake man was stopped near Spokane Boulevard when an officer noticed him driving and knew that his license was suspended. He was cited for not having a valid license and for not having insurance. A licensed driver came to take charge of the vehicle.

- Police advised the owner of a dog that had been chasing cars along Banks Avenue that she would be cited if the dog did it again.

- Police advised the owner of a loose dog on Dill Avenue that if the dog was found loose again she would be cited.

- Police checked on a man who kept falling down near Riley Point as he was walking up the hill. The man said he was cramping below his ribs, admitted falling down, and refused help. He stated he was just trying to get to his mother’s house.

- Officers went to a house on Hill Avenue to check on a report of a man in distress. Officers found a man striking his head with his fists, asking for something unknown to stop. He told officers after an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital to kill him “just to get it to stop.” An officer accompanied the ambulance to the hospital.

3/15 - Police were advised that a driver appeared to be drunk and had just entered a car and driven off. Officers stopped the car in the Safeway parking lot and found the driver known to have a suspended license. He is being charged with driving while under the influence, being a felon in possession of two guns, having a controlled substance in his possession, and operating a vehicle without a court-required ignition control, Two passengers in the vehicle had warrants out for their arrest. The driver and one man were taken to Grant County Jail, and a woman was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

3/16 - Police went to a residence on Stevens Street in Electric City to ask a man to turn down his loud music. After a lot of cussing by the male resident, the report stated, the music was turned down.

- A woman who lives at 5th Street NE in Electric City reported that someone had run into her fence, knocking it over. Police could not locate the vehicle.

- A woman living on Bowen Street advised police that a woman was harassing her with phone calls and driving by her residence. Police told the woman to stop harassing or she would be cited.

- A Gig Harbor man was cited for not having insurance and driving while his license was suspended after an officer stopped him near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam because his headlamps were not turned on.

- Some Coulee Dam residents were told to move from the parking lot at North Dam because it was after dark and the lot is closed at dusk. The officers learned that the discusssions were over a marital disagreement. The parties left.

- Police advised a Kelso Avenue resident to turn his loud music down because it was keeping a nearby person awake. The man complied.

Coulee Dam


3/9 - A motorist on River Drive was pulled over and given a warning when an officer noticed that the vehicle didn’t have a front license plate.

3/12 - A driver on Pine Street failed to yield for a patrol car and was pulled over. The driver stated that he didn’t see any yield sign so he didn’t have to. He was advised to go back and take another look and got a warning from the officer.

- An officer stopped a vehicle on River Drive because of expired tabs. The driver could not provide a driver’s license or any identifying information and gave the officer a name. It was checked through dispatch and the information didn’t add up because the description of the person whose name was given was 5-10 and the woman who was stopped was about 5-6. Also the color of her eyes didn’t match. She said she had colored contacts and she was asked to take one of them out. She refused saying her hands were dirty. Dispatch reported that the woman had a tatoo on her ankle and the officer asked her to remove her boot. It revealed that she did indeed have a tatoo. She later explained that she had given her sister’s name when she was stopped because she had a warrant out for her arrest and she didn’t want to go to jail. She was cited for drving with a suspnded license, the expired tabs and for giving false information to the officer. She was jailed on the warrant.

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