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By Jesse Utz 

Raiders, Babies and a Polar Plunge

Jess Shut Up


This past week was a busy one. So here is a recap of the week in a glimpse.

The week started with a “Man Date.” Jeremy Hanson and I traveled to watch the Raider Boys B-Ball play in the Regional Tournament. The boys were in it the whole game but a couple missed shots here and a turnover there, along with an opponent’s hot bench caused us to just fall short. The Raiders once again played with a huge heart and the few fans that made the journey left with great expectations for next year. Challenge for next year — Fans need to make the trip to road games and cheer on all teams.

After the game, Ellsworth joined us for a quick trip to Spokane, Wal-Mart and then to a MAN movie. It was a great trip, filled with great conversation (we solved a lot of the world’s problems) and laughs. Thanks, men, for the great day.

Later in the week we had the honor to watch a little 2-year-old, with Nickel, for about 24 hours. It made me realize how much I miss the kids being small. It also made us all realize that we are not ready to be grandparents quiet yet. Although we did all fall in love with the little doll we were worn out and taking naps almost as fast as our feet could carry us to our pillows. But the time will be cherished in our memories for a long time and the little girl now has a new aunt and uncle to keep an eye on her over the years to follow.

Ok, I am trying to lose weight. It’s out there now. After being sick and not doing much for the last few years the skinny me has disappeared and a larger version now appears in the mirror. So a diet and working out has become an everyday thing. Yuck! That’s how I feel about it, but if it was easy we would all be posing with pecks flexed on our Facebook page. I did hit a snag, torn calf muscle, and I have come to realize I love food. It has been hard, but my goal is to be down to 210 pounds by summer. OK, you are all my trainers now.

I also have written my second play, and it will be performed on Easter at Faith Community Church. We had our first rehearsal last Sunday and I am excited to see these famous people from our community perform this for all of you. So stop by Easter Morn, if you’re not doing anything and enjoy it.

The big thing in the Coulee this week was the 2014 Winter Challenge. If you have not been challenged yet just wait, yer time will come. It is an awesome thing in my eyes to see all these people, from different walks of life, from all over the country coming together and jumping in the icy water near them and challenging their friends and family to do the same.

Yes, I accepted and took the plunge, as did hundreds of others. I’m sure you can find the videos posted on Facebook if you have not heard anything about it. Such a good way to innocently bring our community together and do something exciting that we may never have done in the first place. From Miss G to Del Ostenberg, from a tough little girl to someone who hit the ice running (all I am going to say is MULLET) from a bucket dump in North Dakota and river jumps in Idaho, it has been fun to watch all the smiling, chilled, enthusiastic faces.

Who would have ever thought that a polar plunge would bring so many people together? Good job, people, and keep challenging and posting. To you that have not completed your challenge yet, the clock’s ticking …

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