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3/4 - Police stopped a vehicle when the officer noticed that a female passenger wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. She was taken to Grant County Jail after the officer learned of a warrant for her arrest.

- A woman living on Stevens Avenue in Electric City reported that someone had slashed her tire. The loss was estimated at $60.

- A man living on Goodfellow Avenue in Electric City reported that someone had stolen his television set.

3/5 - A woman living on “E” Street was arrested on a domestic violence charge and taken to Grant County Jail. A man said that the intoxicated woman hit him several times when he entered the house for a drink of water.

- Police stopped a man running up a Bureau of Reclamation range road. He was asked if he was an employee of the USBR and said “no.” He was told to leave the area.

- An Electric City woman told police she’d received a phone call telling her that she had a package for her post office box number and the caller wanted her house address. She declined to provide it and told police of the call.

- A Ronald Drive resident told police that her vehicle was at the entrance to the Crescent Bay turnoff and that the oil light had come on and she was afraid to move the vehicle. A tow truck was called.

- A Spokane driver staying at a local motel was cited for hit and run after his vehicle allegedly struck both a vehicle behind him and one in front as he was leaving the TeePee Drive-in. A person sitting in the car behind him wrote down the license number and gave police a description of both the vehicle and driver.

3/6 - Plant Protection advised police that there might be a medical problem by the Tanner Gates at North Dam. Police located the party and were told that one person had her hip joint dislocated and when she stood up it went back in place.

- Police noticed a vehicle with outdated license tabs. The driver had just purchased the car. She was cited for not having insurance and advised to check with the person she bought the car from to see about the registration.

3/7 - Police arrested a man on Pearl Avenue in Electric City on a pickup order from the Department of Corrections. The man was taken to Grant County Jail.

3/8 - Two women sitting at a beach eating chicken were told they were in a Bureau of Reclamation closed area on Marina Way that they needed to leave.

- Police responded to a call from a woman on Burdin Boulevard who said someone had hit her window with a pellet gun. Police located two boys nearby who had been shooting such a gun and seemed surprised that they had hit a window. Police were leaving the matter up to the parents of the boys to take care of the problem.

3/9 - Police were called by Plant Protection because of a suspicious box near the Third Powerhouse vehicle gate. The officer found an empty weathered box and removed it.

- A Coulee City woman known to be wanted on a Lincoln County warrant was seen driving and was stopped by police. She was advised of the warrant and that she was under arrest and asked if she had anything in her possession that she wanted to tell the officer about. She said she had a pipe in her bra and when asked if it was a marijuana pipe she said no, a “meth” pipe. She was taken to Davenport to jail and the pipe possession was added to her woes.

- A Yakima man was taken to Grant County Jail for intimidating a public servant after a police officer asked him questions while he was sitting in a pickup that was blocking the alley off of Burdin Boulevard. The man had allegedly said that things would be different if the officer didn’t have a badge, gun and taser and that he would take him into the backyard and he wouldn’t like the outcome.

3/10 - Police arrested a Grand Avenue man in Electric City after receiving a 911 call. The man, the report stated, hit his girlfriend, who was taken to Coulee Medical Center. Police asked that mental health be informed so the man could be checked on while in Grant County Jail.

- Police were requested by Grant County Mental Health to pick up a man who lives on Stevens Avenue in Electric City. The subject wasn’t there but police found him walking nearby. He was taken to Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake.

Coulee Dam


3/3 - A woman on Columbia Avenue reported that someone had hit her vehicle and then left the scene. An officer noted that it appeared that someone had skidded on the icy road and damaged the bumper on the woman’s vehicle.

- A 16-year-old alone in a house on Crest Drive said he heard someone enter the residence and that his dog started barking. He went out into the front part of the house and saw a person dressed in black, run out of the house.

3/4 - An officer saw a person driving who had been stopped twice recently for having a suspended license. Records showed that he was still suspended. The officer is asking the Okanogan County prosecutor to issue a citation in the matter. The man was seen driving at the Elmer City Access Road and River Drive.

3/5 - Dispatch requested that a search for a vehicle that had been involved in a hit-and-run accident in Grand Coulee be made. The search failed to turn up the vehicle.

3/6 - Tribal Child Protective Services were called to a home on Yucca after the mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance. There were two young children in the home and police stayed at the residence until CPS personnel arrived.

- Police finally located a man who had been pulled over for not stopping at an intersection and then fled the scene. An officer later saw the man, who was wanted on a warrant, enter a house on Cedar Street, but when he went to the door he was told the man was not there. After questioning one of the parties in the house, police found him hiding in a shed in the back yard, arrested him, and took him to Okanogan County Jail. Two women in the house who had told the officer that the man was not there were cited for rendering criminal assistance.

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