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Graham should walk away

Letters to the Editor


I just read the very sad news that Dawn Lovelace has resigned her position at CMC.

I am a former employee of CMC and worked around the most amazing people and also met the most wonderful people in our community. I still miss being greeted by them every morning at the start of another busy day. Dr. Castrodale, Sharon and Elizabeth, Dawn Lovelace and Janet, Dr. Fercha, Wendy Hughes and Myrna, Dr. Chaffee and Melissa (always will be Lucy to me) and Karen Rimpler and their families and all of the dedicated support staff at CMC.

These are the people that have touched and cared for every person in this community. These are the people that had a dream about building a new hospital and clinic. Not for themselves, but for all of us. They chose to live in this community, they are involved in this community and they care about all of us. They have been committed to our community for so many years and have chosen to stay right here through the good and the bad.

That means we all must stand up and put a stop to what is happening at CMC. They deserve that from all of the people that have relied on them for our health and the health of our families. They have always been there for us, day or night without question.

Revenue vs Patients will always be a dilemma in the Healthcare Industry. I realize that we have a new hospital to pay for and that has to be a difficult position for Mr. Graham and his staff to be in. But you have not invested your lives in our community, as many others before me have stated. It is a short term investment that is a stepping stone in your careers. There is nothing wrong with that, but you have no right to destroy this community or the providers that have chosen to make the commitment to live here and provide healthcare for all of us.

As corporate, I just do not think that you realize how much the people in this community love, support and depend on these providers and their families. So Mr. Graham, please walk away and work your magic in a community that is not as committed to these “oh so special people.”

Kathy Wickman

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