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2/17 - A woman complained of two dogs, one black and one brown, that charged her, barking. The incident occurred near Park and Lincoln Streets in Electric City. An officer couldn’t find the two dogs.

2/18 - Police responded to a reported drug overdose on Kelso Avenue in Electric City. A woman stated she had taken a number of pills. An ambulance was called and the woman was taken to Coulee Medical Center and Grant County Mental Health was called.

- Police informed a Clarkston, Wash., man that his frequent calls to Coulee Medical Center asking for medical information about a patient was a form of harassment and that he should quit doing so.

2/19 - Police went to a Hill Avenue location to remove an intoxicated man who refused to leave the premises. The man couldn’t be taken to jail because officials there would not receive a person in that state of intoxication. The man was removed from the premises.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that a man had wandered into an unauthorized zone. Police found the man, who said he was just waiting for a ride and that while he was waiting he was picking up garbage. Police arrested him for trespass and when checking on him found that he had three warrants out for his arrest. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

2/20 - A woman reported a domestic violence issue at her place on Continental Heights and that when she tried to call police the man prevented her from doing so. Then she said he left the building. Police tried to find the man but couldn’t, and have asked the prosecuting attorney to review the report for charges.

- A Deer Park man was stopped when an officer saw him driving while talking on his cell phone. He was cited.

- A 71-year-old Elmer City man, stopped for not wearing a seatbelt, told the officer that he had a note that he didn’t need to wear a seatbelt. He was unable to present the note. He was also cited for not having his vehicle registration or insurance proof and for driving while his license was suspended.

2/21 - A bartender who had been fired from a drinking establishment was told that he was being banned from the bar and that if he returned he would be arrested.

- A Grand Coulee driver who was stopped after dark because one of his headlights was out, got a ticket for the headlight problem, and for having no insurance and an outdated registration. A report of his driving while suspended was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office for action with the information that it was not the first time. When the officer asked the passenger if she was licensed, she said she was. But the officer learned that her license had been outdated since 2011. The vehicle was impounded.

- Some children found a purse on the trail near Coulee Medical Center and through some of the items in the purse learned the identity of the owner. The officer was unable to locate the owner but a relative stated that the owner would be located and informed.

2/22 - An officer stopped a driver who veered over the fog line. She said that vehicle lights bothered her. She was cited for not having a current insurance card.

- An officer checked on a barking dog problem on Stevens Street in Electric City and found three large German Shepherd dogs. He was unable to contact the owners at the time.

2/23 - Police followed up an assault complaint and found two rather intoxicated men near the Wolf’s Den bar on Main Street. Both stated they had been knocked to the ground and kicked by what they stated were three or four men and two women. Neither showed any indication of their clothes being messed because of the snow and wet weather and there was no evidence of any marks or bruises. The two were asked to fill out a report and get it to the officer.

- A Benton City man reported that his truck and boat trailer were off the roadway on Spokane Way because of slick roads. The problem was solved, but the owner of the vehicle was cited for not having insurance.

Coulee Dam


2/16 - An officer noticed that a vehicle had its hatchback open and couldn’t find anyone around the vehicle or in the office at Columbia River Inn, so the officer closed the hatchback.

- An officer assisted Tribal Police in looking for a suspect who had been stopped on a traffic incident and then fled. The suspect had a number of warrants out for his arrest. The subject fled along the Elmer City Access Road and was not found.

2/18 - A Camas Street resident who had a suspended license was mailed a citation after being questioned as he got out of his vehicle and stated that he planned to continue driving back and forth to work. The officer told him that getting his driving privileges reinstated would be difficult if he continued to get citations for breaking the law.

2/20 - A man was arrested and cited for trying to take a $2.36 energy drink from Jack’s Coulee Food Mart. Police were called when the clerk stopped the individual as he was attempting to leave the establishment with the drink in his pocket. After receiving the citation and being warned that he should keep his court date, the man was released.

2/21 - A man was stopped shortly after leaving the Coulee Dam Casino because the tail lights on his truck were not lit. When the man was stopped, all the windows in his vehicle were rolled down. The officer could tell that the man had been drinking and when asked admitted to “having a few beers.” He was cited for driving while under the influence. His vehicle was towed and his mother came to the police station to pick him up.

- Police were called to Lake Roosevelt High School on a marijuana and paraphernalia problem. Two students were suspended by school officials for having the suspected marijuana, smoking devices and a pocket knife in their backpacks.

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