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Writer demands answers from tribal council

Letters to the Editor


TO THE COLVILLE TRIBAL COUNCIL: I shall continue to harp on you, hound you, press you for answers on the current status of Ken “Butch” Stanger and Gene Nicholson Sr. as continuing members of the CTFC Board of Directors and that of Joe Pakootas as continuing CTFC CEO.

Both board members mentioned above were renewed by resolution for two more years, as posted in council resolutions/November 2013 Tribal Tribune; and the Joe Pakootas one-year contract extension approval was made on Dec. 20, 2013 during board of directors meeting. Voting yes: Ken Stanger, Gene Nicholson and Kim Peone.

I want answers from Tribal Council collectively and/or individually, and I demand satisfaction ... (elections coming up incumbents!). The info I chase is or should be public knowledge. Any access/answers I seek here are further asserted/supported through resolution...words following, in part, per resolution 2013-901.nrc, also posted in December 2013 Tribal Tribune: “...WHEREAS, Colville Tribal Federal Corporation (CTFC) is wholly owned by the Tribes and serves to promote the economic development of the Tribes and enable the Tribes to develop their resources for the benefit of the people...”

How? Why? What are your justifications, validation for all three retainerships to positions? Correct me if I am wrong, but were not all three aboard during/through all that out-of-control spending in the red by CTFC in 2011-2012, adding more losses to CTFC/CCT when CCT effected necessary bail-out monies for some $37 million? Do not their past performances literally scream out “fire” Joe Pakootas as CTFC CEO and terminate Butch’s and Gene’s Bboard of directors memberships?

Fiscal mismanagement continues on as a couple more resolutions in the December Tribune indicates CCT continues to subsidize CTFC. Where is CTFC’s CEO performance? Bottom line here is Colville Tribal Council is ultimately responsible for this mess in the past, with more to come in the future from this same threesome.

In closing, to the constituency, concerned tribal membership … elections coming up! It is time for the tribal peoples to step up and make changes our tribal council refuses to make.

Truman Covington

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