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Resolution'tabled'). To the Colville Tribal Council: "LEAVE IT TABLED!" Stop wasting tribal $$$, stop lyin' to our peoples (broke, broke, broke) and give some to our children, our future. Stop this council personal agenda, buddy buddy BS.

This resolution projects the "approval of $5,000 to Joseph A. Pakootas ... running for Washington State 5th District Congressional Representative." What a joke! Up front, first and foremost, there probably are a few peeps on our rez [wondering] "who is Joe Pakootas?"

On the flip side of this coin is Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, one of the top five most powerful political figures out of the Washington D.C. national political arena with full support of millionaires across America, PLUS that of corporate America.

Just recently, on a quick junket back to Spokaloo, Cathy demanded $1,500/plate for a meet-Cathy luncheon. Sold out almost immediately! For the upcoming elections she already has multi millions in her campaign kitty.

Showing his complete ignorance of whitey politics, Joe P. says: "I will support individual freedoms and fight every day to allow our people to live their life the way they want ..." -- this ain't the 1800s, sir!

Local, state and national politics now demands the attentions to THE RICH taxes, loopholes and ditto corporate America. To this direction in Eastern Washington it is corporate farming, the NW's bread and butter, where corporate farming is the rule rather than the exception. For the rich: taxes and loopholes and for the poor: elimination of food stamps.

Colville tribal peeps, get in touch with your council and SAY NO to resolution ('tabled' only means sneak it through later). It is nothing more than "wasting," tossing out the window more tribal dollars. Cathy McMorris Rogers represents "rich" across America and shall have all their backing! PLUS, she is knowledgable to the hilt in the political arena. Please, CCT council, do not waste any more tribal dollars by donating to Washington state political nonsense; keep it within the tribes where it will do most good for our tribal peoples: youth, elders, wellness centers, a DESTINATION casino.

Truman Covington

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