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Grand Coulee


1/17 - A man living in a Continental Heights apartment reported that after a visitor from Wilbur left, he found that $30 cash was missing, plus some prescriptions.

1/20 - A Safeway pharmacy employee said that a call was received asking for a prescription to be filled and that another party would be by to pick it up. But a woman supposedly ordering the prescription said she had not called for the prescription. When the party came in the next day to pick up the prescription the clerk had it signed for and then refused to give it to her.

- Plant Protection advised police that a deer was down on the ice on the feeder canal. Police called officials at the State Fish & Wildlife about the deer problem.

- A man who lives on E. Grand Avenue in Electric City had a stop sign that was pulled from its place. Police were told that the city would be contacted to place the sign back where it belongs.

1/21 - A woman told police that their 7- 8-week-old puppy was taken from the back of their pickup while it was parked in front of their apartment on Hill Avenue. The police report stated that the same dog had been the subject of an animal cruelty report within the past week.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

1/22 - Police were called to a residence on Electric Boulevard in Electric City, where an intoxicated girl was damaging the inside of the place. She resisted but finally was taken to Coulee Medical Center where she continued to oppose police and medical staff. Her mother was called in Spokane, but since the mother didn’t come to the hospital, Child Protective Services was notified. The youth finally fell asleep and staff waited for CPS official to come to CMC.

1/24 - Police had the first of three encounters with a suicidal person, who had stabbed himself in the leg and then later caused problems at Coulee Medical Center while waiting for a mental health professional. Once, when asked to put his arms behind him so an officer could restrain him, he said he would if the officer asked “nicely.” On a separate occasion the man asked hospital personnel if he could go outside for a smoke and they agreed. The man didn’t return.

- A Seattle man, known to be wanted on a warrant for his arrest, was seen in Electric City, arrested and taken to Grant County Jail. The man allegedly possessed some morphine tablets and was told he needed to bring information showing he had a prescription for the pills or he would be charged with possession of a controlled substance.

- A woman called police to say she had been assaulted by a woman on Burdin Boulevard. When the officer arrived, the woman said she had been accused of stealing the other woman’s tights. Police entered the house to talk with the alleged assaulter and told the complainant to wait by the patrol car. When the officer returned outside, she was gone and later told police that she would come to the police station and talk with the officer. She failed to show up and no charges were made.

1/25 - An Electric City woman was stopped because the tail lights on the vehicle she was driving were out. When asked to produce proof of insurance, the woman stated it was a borrowed car and she couldn’t find an insurance card. She was cited on the insurance issue.

- Police stood by while a person vacated a rental property on Stevens Street in Electric City. The owners had a signed order for the person to leave the property.

- Police had a report that an unknown male was in the middle of the roadway near Coulee Playland making obscene gestures to passing motorists. Police could not find the individual.

- An officer is requesting that a woman who was operating a vehicle not licensed for street use, and who allegedly damaged another person’s property by using the vehicle, be charged with criminal trespass, driving while her license was suspended and reckless driving. The incident occurred on Fourth Avenue in Electric City.

- An Electric City man wanted on three warrants for his arrest for driving with a suspended license was seen driving in Grand Coulee and arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A woman who lives on “A” Street told police that when she returned home she found a man using a credit card trying to gain access to her home. She said the man was grabbed but broke away and fled. Police could not find the suspect.

1/26 - A woman told police that she had been in the Electric City Bar & Grill with family members and one of them got in an argument with another woman. When they left the bar, she reported, the windshield of her vehicle had been broken.

- USBR Plant Protection reported to police that a man was taking pictures of a security station at the dam. Police confronted the man who showed that the pictures he took were of the dam.

Coulee Dam


1/21 - A Lake Roosevelt High School official told police that a student got upset with a teacher and threatened the teacher. The student was expelled from school and officials are monitoring the threat.

1/23 - A woman advised police that dogs were running loose on Pine Street and she told the officer where the dogs would go when they were not running loose. An officer informed the owner of the town’s ordinance on dogs running loose. The owner said he would see that they didn’t do that again.

1/24 - A man was stopped by police when the officer noticed that his license tabs had expired. The officer learned that the driver’s license had been suspended, and the officer could smell alcohol coming from him. The man was asked if he had any physical impairments and he answered, “Yes, I’ve been drinking.” He admitted to drinking a half bottle of “Captain Morgan” and the officer found a half case of beer inside the vehicle. Two passengers were picked up by another party, the car was towed and the driver charged with driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence.


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