Re: "Skateboarders told route too sketchy" (12/23/13 Star)

Letters to the Editor


The kids were long boarding, not skateboarding! They need a hill to ride down and now someone felt the need to tell the police. Were they really doing something that terrible? It is risky, but the alternative in the winter seems to be sitting in their room and playing video games.

I remember riding dirt bikes at the Hills below East Heights until the complaints came, then it got shut down. We then rode in the mud when the river was down or when the lake was down, until that was shut down. So we rode in Barker Canyon until that was recently shut down.

What do you want these kids to do in this town during the winter months? Did the people complaining never ride their bicycle as a kid down a hill? As a kid, I personally rode a bicycle down every paved hill in this area, and I wrecked and it hurt, but that is what kids are supposed to do!

Why don’t we complain about the drugs and the burglary instead of harrassing teenagers for finally going outside and being active! If the teenagers were getting in front of the cars and being stupid, then make sure they know right and wrong, but don’t shut it down.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Dale Thomas


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