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Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee


12/27 - A man reported a suspicious car parked in the “train wreck” area on Kruk Road and that there was no one around it. He said when he went by the area again, the car was gone. The car was traced to a resident on Sunset Drive.

- An officer went to a residence on Electric Boulevard on a domestic call and a man told him that his wife came home drunk and he wanted her out of the house. The officer told the man he couldn’t do this without a court order. There was no evidence of violence.

12/28 - Police got a report that intoxicated men were leaving the Electric City Bar and Grill, talking about driving while under the influence. Police couldn’t find them.

- Police got a call about a dead deer on SR-174, several miles south of Electric City. The issue was referred to the Washington State Patrol.

- A woman reported a vehicle theft on “A” Street. She said she was moving some things and when she came out the vehicle was gone. She said she had the keys but the ignition lock didn’t work. The owner of the vehicle was contacted and he gave police the names of two people he thought might be responsible because they knew about the faulty vehicle ignition lock.

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- A man on Road 58.1 NE, complained to police that a neighbor’s dogs were constantly barking and he thought the owner of the dog was away on vacation. A note was left for the dog’s caretaker to get in touch with police.

12/29 - Police interrupted a fight near 2 Coulee Boulevard. One man was on top of another and three men were watching the fight. The officer drew his service gun and told everyone to lie on the ground. All complied. No one wanted to press charges and the five dispersed.

- An officer checked on a 911 hang-up call at the Center Lodge Motel. When police arrived, they were told a child had been playing with the phone.

- A runaway juvenile was reported from a residence on Hill Street. Tribal police handled the complaint.

12/31 - A woman told police that she checks on an elderly man who had a stroke, but had not been able to contact him. She said he is living in a store near Midway Avenue. Police contacted him, and he stated he was OK.

- Police were advised that a National Park Service officer had a suspect he had detained at the Crescent Bay access area who had a warrant out for his arrest. The NPS official said he didn’t have the power to make an arrest. He said the man tried to run from him but was caught. The NPS official had a scratch on his nose from the chase but didn’t want to press additional charges. The man was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

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- A woman in Electric City complained of fireworks going off near Crest and Stevens. She was advised that state law permits fireworks to be set off welcoming in the New Year for one hour.

- An Omak woman reported that a deer struck her car while she was driving near E. Grand Avenue. She reported that the injured deer took off. Damage to her vehicle was estimated at $1,000.

- Police checked on a report that a possible DUI suspect was leaving the area near 17 Coulee Boulevard. Police checked but couldn’t find the vehicle.

- Officers had a report of a noisy party near Sunset and Stevens in Electric City. Police couldn’t find the noisemakers.

1/1 - Police were advised from security personnel at Coulee Dam Casino that a person wanted on a warrant was present at the casino. Police responded with backup from tribal police and arrested a Grand Coulee man who was taken to Okanogan County Jail.

1/2 - Police are sending an Electric City man a ticket for driving while his license was suspended. He was stopped on Midway and. when questioned on his suspended license status said he had a letter from the Department of Licensing on the suspension. When the officer contacted the department an official stated that the letter was for an earlier suspension. His citation is in the mail.

- A Safeway official asked that a Grand Coulee man be banned from the store after he entered the store and threatened an employee.

1/3 - A man was stopped near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam because his headlights were not on. He didn’t have insurance, and he picked up a citation.

- Police had to force a door while responding to a domestic violence call at an apartment in Electric City. The officers learned that a woman was inside the apartment but was afraid to open the door. The woman was placed in a neighboring apartment while police searched the residence. She told police that she had not been assaulted and that her boyfriend had fled because he was afraid.

- A man living in a Main Street apartment told police that the man he shared the apartment with had assaulted him. He showed police a contusion on his cheek. At that time. the other man returned to the apartment. Police arrested him and took him to Grant County Jail.

1/4 - An Electric City man was stopped for not wearing his seatbelt and cited and told to contact the court system. He asked, “What if I don’t?” and was told his license would be suspended.

- A person living on Hill Avenue called police to report cruelty to a dog. The party stated the dog had been left out all day in the cold. When the homeowner was contacted, a woman said that the only dog they had was fishing with her husband.

- An Electric City woman advised police that five rings valued at a total of $8,055 had been taken from her jewelry box, and she thought her daughter had taken them. The daughter and a boyfriend denied having anything to do with the missing rings.

- Police went to a residence on E. Grand Avenue in Electric City to check on a child’s welfare. Officers asked to see the 7-year-old child and found that he was cheerful and apparently well cared for.

1/5 - A person living on Miller Place in Electric City advised police that there had been an explosion in the home. Police were told a can had been placed in a container under his fire and it exploded. There wasn’t any damage.

- A Burdin Boulevard man was arrested and is being charged with stealing a vehicle and with fourth-degree assault. Police are asking the prosecutor to add charges of harassment, unlawful imprisonment, possession of stolen property and first-degree robbery. The suspect was taken to Grant County Jail.

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12/23 - Police checked on a 911 hang up call from a Columbia Street residence and found four adults wrapping Christmas presents. They told the officer that no one had called 911. The officer noted that the house was orderly, there was no sign of an assault and the group wasn’t drinking. The officer left.

- A renter who kept parking his truck in the alley way on Columbia and Douglas Streets attracted the attention of police when two parties clashed on the issue. The reporting party stated that there was worry because the renter was younger and he was worried that the argument might become violent. Police advised that the man should park his truck on the street and all the parties would be contacted the next day.

12/27 - A Montana driver was stopped on River Drive after an officer noticed that he and two passengers in his vehicle were not wearing their seat belts. The officer discovered that the driver didn’t have insurance and cited him for both offenses. The passengers were given warnings on their seat belt violations.

- Police were called to a domestic violence incident to a house on Cedar Street. A woman from Wilbur reported to police that her live-in boyfriend had beaten her and caused bodily harm and then left the area. She was at the home of her brother when police contacted her. A domestic violence form was left for her to fill out and police took pictures of where the assault occurred in a nearby residence.

12/31 - Police checked on a report of fireworks being set off at the Columbia View Apartments. The officer didn’t find anyone with fireworks and tried to check with tenants but no one would answer their door.

- Police checked on a similar report of fireworks going off on River Drive. The reporting party initially thought she heard gunshots and stated she wouldn’t have called the police over just fireworks.

- Police answered a call in Elmer City on Williams Street to help lift a possible heart attack victim into the ambulance.


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