Medical challenges continue for child


Victoria Detwiler

The problems an Elmer City couple are having meeting the medical care needs of their 2-year-old girl continue to pile up.

The couple, Daniel and Stephanie Detwiler's daughter, Victoria, was born with brain damage and eyesight problems.

In addition to the task of taking Victoria to Omak twice a week for treatment and to Spokane four times a month for treatment and testing, they found out the limited insurance they have doesn't pay for eyeglasses.

Stephanie said this week that they need to get glasses for Victoria so she won't poke herself in the eye. The little girl has about 10 percent vision.

"I am hoping that someday they will come up with a plan to treat Victoria's optic nerve so she will be able to see," Stephanie stated.

The eyeglasses would help protect her eyes, she explained, so there wouldn't be additional damage to her eyes.

The constant care, medical trips, and all the things connected to caring for a little two-year old with the kind of problems Victoria has is wearing the couple down.

They put out a plea early in December in an effort to get some help with their gas and other treatment bills, and, Stephanie stated, "Some donations came in, and it helped."

Right now the eyeglass problem heads the list. The glasses could cost anywhere from $150 upward, she stated.

In addition to their other woes, the couple does all this driving in a 1996 van that could quit anytime.

Stephanie calls Victoria her "intelligent little girl." Stephanie added, "She has taught me so much."

Victoria can say six words, "and we are trying to teach her how to say her brother's name," Stephanie stated. She has both an older brother and sister.

The couple has set up an account at North Cascades Bank in Grand Coulee where people who want to help can send donations to the Victoria New Detwiler account, NCB Box G, Grand Coulee, WA., 99133.

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