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Grand Coulee Police

12/19 - Plant Protection advised police of a number of thefts from an office building in the industrial yard. One person reported a pair of “Brunton” binoculars valued at $500 taken from his office along with a pair of scissors, some blue pens and a stopwatch. A person across the hall reported that a digital camera was taken from his desk valued at $954. A third person reported a $110 flashlight was taken from his office and a fourth person reported a pair of scissors taken from his office. The timeline stretched from early November to Dec. 19.

12/20 - A school official reported that a mother had accused a teacher of burning her child. An investigation by the school found that the child stated she was burned by a curling iron at home.

- A truck was stuck in the snow at the bottom of the Coulee Dam hill. The driver tried unsuccessfully to put his chains on and a Bureau employee dumped sand in front of the truck tires, and that was unsuccessful. The truck was towed to a level location by a Nespelem Valley Electric official.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- An argument over a man parking his vehicle across the street from the Moose Lodge resulted in the man being pushed to the ground by the other man. The one pushed to the ground said he wanted to press charges if the other individual was found.

- A man walking on 2nd Street known to have a felony warrant out for his arrest was picked up by police and taken to Grant County jail.

- A purse was found at a table at Jack’s 76 in Grand Coulee and police saw that it was returned to the owner.

12/21 - Police were advised that there were children playing in the street at 306 Midway. Police told the children not to play in the street.

- A woman who was traveling east on SR-155 was stopped after the officer saw she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. When asked why she stated, according to the report, she had dropped her cigarette in her lap and didn’t want to get burned. She was cited for not wearing a seatbelt, not having a current vehicle registration and having no insurance.

- A man stopped near Safeway on Midway Avenue because he wasn’t wearing his seatbelt was cited for that and for not signing his registration.

- A Coulee Dam driver was stopped when the officer noticed her headlamp was out.She explained that she just bought a new one and showed it to the officer still in the package. Upon checking her license, the officer found that she was driving while her license was suspended. He forwarded the report to the prosecutor’s office and warned her on the headlamp. He told her not to drive. An hour later the same woman was stopped while driving and told the officer that she only had to drive a short distance to get home. She was told to get a designated driver to take her home and that if she was caught again she would be arrested and taken to jail.

12/22 - A man who was cooking some french fries left the room for a short time and when he returned the oil was ablaze. Some paneling was burned and the fire department was called.

- Police sent a report of second-degree assault, second-degree malicious mischief, domestic violence and fourth-degree assault to the Grant County prosecutor’s office after checking into a domestic violence issue on Bowen Street where a man was arrested and taken to jail.

12/23 - A Grand Coulee couple asked for help in unraveling a fraudulent $112 credit card charge. The charge went by Western Union to a location in Indonesia. Police contacted Western Union and the party said they were in a different country and wouldn’t be able to provide information on the charge.

- A local man was pulled over for failing to stop at an intersection and the officer learned that his license was suspended and he didn’t have insurance. He was cited and told to park the car and not move it until a licensed driver was available.

12/24 - A man who lives on Goodfellow in Electric City reported to police that while he was in Yakima, someone had broken the driver’s side window on his truck. The broken window was reported to him by a neighbor who noticed it.

- Police stopped a man for failing to stop at Spokane Way and SR-155. He told the officer that he didn’t have insurance. He was ticketed for the two offenses.

- A Soap Lake driver was stopped because his license tabs had expired and it was learned that his drivers license was suspended. He told the officer that he just purchased the car from a friend, but couldn’t remember the friend’s name. He couldn’t find any registration in the vehicle and didn’t have insurance. Two passengers were also suspended. A licensed driver showed up to take charge of the vehicle.

Coulee Dam Police

12/20 - Police were advised by a Lake Roosevelt High School official that four students were involved in having alcohol and that their parents had been called and came and got them from the school. Police advised the officials that the police should have been called first so they could investigate.

12/23 - Police checked on a report of abuse at a residence on Columbia Avenue.

- An officer checked on a malicious mischief complaint at an address on Columbia Avenue.


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