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Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Wipe the slate clean

Letters to the Editor


After reading the article on Dr. Chaffee regarding the turmoil at Coulee Medical Center, I must say I agree with his comments.

As a past employee, I left on my own due to actions from the HR Dept. manager and executive assistant. I have never worked anywhere in my career that was so demoralizing. It was as if every corner you turned you had to be careful. From one day to the next you never knew who would be escorted out of the building or if you would even have a job.

The entire administration should be held responsible for all unkind actions towards staff, not hiring local people or keeping local people working. So many times I heard, HR will not hire anyone without a degree. So tell how can a person with a degree in sociology become the head of the Human Resource Department. Connection I am not sure? What happened to experience and training, knowledge of the job, etc?

Then to tell staff they had an open-door policy. That certainly was not correct. You were afraid to see the administration for fear you might lose your job. It definitely was a good-old-boy environment.

So, as the doctors seem to be concerned, so am I. Wipe the slate clean and let’s start all over just like we did with a new building. No more free rental cars, free i-Phones, iPads or picking and choosing who works there.

For me, I was saddened to leave my position as I truly loved my job, but I could not sit and watch the walls crumbling around the facility. So with this, I hope the community will step forward and ask for removal of all administration. No one in there is deserving of their position.

Ms. Gerry L Sasltrom

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