People, take your stand

Letters to the Editor


The people of this small town will support our providers and our hospital with everything we have. This whole administration is a problem.

We have chosen to live in a small town and raise our children. We are a community. I am proud to say I have the best provider in the world for my family. I have never been taken better care of, and I have been to the big city, as well, and no one knows us like Wendy Hughes.

So please, all of you who care about our hospital, take your stand, be at the next board meeting. Tell the board and this administration we are not going to lose what’s ours and you as our administration all need to go. We are done with what you are doing and we support our providers and all the workers that still have their jobs. Scott Graham, go away and take your team with you.

Angela Gonzalez

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

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