Don't drive medical staff away

Letters to the Editor


If not for Dr. Castrodale and Dr. Chaffee, I wouldn't have a family as I do today. …

Back in the mid ’90s, Castrodale found a problem with my daughter no other doctor had found. If not for him, my daughter would not be here today. Between them they have delivered six beautiful grandchildren for me, and I will go to my grave always being thankful for them.

Wendy Hughes has been my personal lifesaver these last few years. Without her and her listening to me and helping me deal with issues, I doubt if I'd still be here to enjoy these kids and grandkids. Thanks, Wendy Girl.

This is a small town that cares about its people, we care for one another. They, the doctors and nurses, take care of us; why can't we in turn take care of them?

If there is an administration problem, let them figure it out or replace them. Do NOT drive our medical staff away! You already lost the best OB nurse, Hanna Wheeler.

Brenda Francis

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

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