Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee

11/28 - An out-of-the-area person reported that he had stopped at a local store and used his credit card and that a few days later he was advised by his credit card company that his card had been used in California to purchase items. He said the only place he used the card was in Grand Coulee.

12/2 - An Orondo driver was stopped for going 49 mph in a 35 mph zone and was ticketed for 45 mph and for not having insurance.

- USBR Plant Protection told police that a vehicle had gone past guard station 1 without stopping. Police found that the two people in the vehicle were Bureau of Reclamation employees who said they were just busy talking. They stated that they would not fail to stop next time.

12/3 - Loepp Furniture advised police that an unknown party had cut the fuel lines on two of the firm’s delivery trucks.

12/4 - A driver was stopped near Pole Park for having a defective headlamp. He was warned on the defective equipment and cited when he couldn’t produce proof of insurance.

- An officer passing the top of the dam heard and then saw that the fire alarm was going off at the pumping plant and fire department building. He advised Plant Protection, whose spokesman noted that they didn’t know about the alarm.

- Plant Protection told police that a service truck had passed through station 5 gate without stopping. Police found that the driver and truck were affiliated with a company that had a service contract with the Bureau of Reclamation. The party was told that they always had to stop at the guard station to be identified.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

12/5 - Police checked on an unoccupied vehicle at North Dam Park and found two persons fishing off the bank at the far west end of the parking area. The two said they would move their vehicle because it was after sunset but wanted to continue fishing. Plant Protection agreed to let the two continue fishing.

- Two men on Burdin Boulevard were told it was unlawful in the state of Washington to burn the material they were burning. The pair were informed that only recreational fires were allowed.

- Police checked on a report of a vehicle being driven in a reckless manner across from Center School. Although police had a description of the vehicle, they couldn’t find it.

- A driver who was following a car too closely in front of her was stopped. The officer found that the woman driver’s license was suspended. She was advised that she could not continue driving and called someone to pick her up.

12/6 - A woman told police that she had been struck on the head by a man while she was leaving his residence on Fortuyn Road. Police checked with the woman at Coulee Medical Center but could see no evidence of her being hit. A patrolman checked with the person who did the alleged hitting, who said that he had asked the woman to leave but had not struck her.

12/7 - Plant Protection advised police that a suspicious vehicle was parked in a closed area near the 230 Kv yard. Police checked on the vehicle and the driver said he was waiting for his mother to come down the hill. Police asked the man to move his car because it was in a restricted area.

- A driver who lives on Camas Street in Coulee Dam was stopped because of a faulty headlamp and the officer found that the man’s license was suspended because he hadn’t paid some fines. His insurance had also lapsed. He was cited and warned on the headlamp and told not to drive.

- An Electric City driver was stopped because his tabs had expired. The officer found that a trip permit he was displaying had not been filled out properly, that he had failed to sign his registration and wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Officers conducted a search and found a hypodermic needle that had a dark substance in it and sent that off to the Washington State Patrol lab. A woman riding with him was wanted on a felony warrant. She was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

12/8 - Police checked on a report of a burglary at a residence on West Grand Avenue in Electric City. The man said that someone was trying to get in through a window, and that it was a person he had been hanging out with. He said he thought the man was a federal agent and didn’t want to press charges.

12/1 An Electric City woman said that someone entered her home while she was away and took off with an assortment of prescription drugs.

Coulee Dam


11/25 - Police were called to remove a pickup truck parked on private property.

The person making the request was working for a bank trying to clean up the property. Police learned that the pickup belonged to a deceased person and told the person doing the cleanup that he needed to see the owner of the property.

11/27 - Harvest Foods said that a Dodge Stealth that had been parked near the store hadn’t moved for three days. Police learned that the owner was from Brewster and tried to contact the owner unsuccessfully. The vehicle was tagged for 48 hours and would be towed if the owner hadn’t already moved it.

- Police checked on a domestic violence call, only to find two tribal officers already at the Yucca residence. It was explained that the confrontation was just verbal and the women had asked the other party to leave.

- A resident on Holly Street reported that their 1998 Plymouth had been stolen. The couple had left the keys in the vehicle and it was unlocked. Police shared information with other agencies and the vehicle was found in Nespelem. The police report stated that they had a suspect in mind, wanted on an unrelated burglary, and asked Tribal Police to look for the man.

- Police arrested a person on a warrant at the Coulee Dam Casino.

11/30 - Police checked on a report of stray animals on Tilmus Street.


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