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11/22 - A man residing on Hill Avenue showed police where someone tried to gain entry into his home by forcing the front door. The door frame was cracked and the dead bolt lock would not work right.

11/25 - An officer learned that an Elmer City man wanted on a felony warrant was in a car heading in his direction. When the car passed the officer’s location, he stopped the vehicle, and arrested the wanted man and took him to Grant County Jail.

- An Ephrata man was seen by mental health officials after his mother, from Coulee City, brought him to Grand Coulee. She had sought help after calling from a Lincoln County location and was referred to that jurisdiction. She claimed that the man had mental problems, but when questioned, the man claimed otherwise. The two had a no-contact order between them but the mother said the man needed help and she was trying to get help for him.

- USBR Plant Protection reported that two men were wandering around in the industrial area. Police found the pair, who stated that as soon as they realized they were in a restricted area, they left. The report stated the two were apparently intoxicated and said they would stay off federal property.

- A man who was obviously drunk was found on the sidewalk on Main Street. The person who called for police was trying to put his shoes on for him. A neighbor finally arrived and said he would see that the man got to his apartment.

11/26 - An Okanogan woman was stopped for speeding and couldn’t provide an insurance card. She was stopped a second time and had found her insurance card. The officer is asking the court to ignore the first incident.

- An Electric City man was stopped because one of his vehicle headlamps wasn’t working. The man stated that he had left his billfold home and didn’t have his driver’s license or insurance card with him. He was cited on those counts and warned on the headlamp problem.

11/27 - Police received a report that there was a burglary in progress on W. Grand Avenue in Electric City. Entry had apparently been gained to a residence there by the breaking of a front window. The reporting party, the man’s father, acknowledged that the person involved was at his house. No action was taken.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that they were in the process of evacuating a building due to a CO2 dump inside the building. Police patrolled between the 230kv and 500kv switchyards during the incident.

- Police referred an alleged assault case to the relevant agencies where the alleged assault occurred. Police learned that the mother of a 19-year-old woman allegedly assaulted the daughter in Lynnwood and in Coulee Dam.

- A driver stopped for speeding on SR-174 told police that he didn’t see any speed signs. The patrolman told the driver that he had passed three speed limit signs showing the speed was 35 mph. He was clocked by radar as going 46 mph. He was cited.

- A Brewster woman was clocked at 44 mph in a 35 mph zone and was given a warning but did receive a ticket for not having insurance.

- A man in Spokane asked police to check on a woman living on E. Grand Coulee Avenue. Police checked on the woman who is being taken care of by a nephew and everything was OK.

- A Burdin Boulevard resident was stopped because the patrol officer noticed the man failed to signal and stop at a stop sign. The man said he didn’t stop because his clutch was going out. He was cited for not stopping and signaling and not having an up-to-date registration. The report noted that the man didn’t have any problem with his clutch when he left the area.

11/28 - While checking on a theft report on Cardinal Road NE, police found a man wanted on a felony warrant and took him to Grant County Jail. Two men who were at the property were banned from the property. A woman who was watching the property was not affected.

11/30 - A Hill Avenue woman called to report that sewage was coming up through a manhole. City workers were notified.

12/1 - A man reported that “dumpster diving” was going on at the Senior Center. The unknown suspect would get into the dumpster, take what they wanted and leave a pile of garbage on the ground. A camera was placed in the hopes of identifying the person but the camera went missing.

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