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11/11 - A Continental Heights man was taken to jail on a charge of domestic violence and violating a no-contact order. The report stated that the man shoved out of the door and spat on a woman with whom he had been in a relationship. Then he went to Safeway where he attempted to pull her hair, the report stated.

- A Burdin Boulevard man was in possession of a $2,000 air purification device taken from near the Moose Lodge. The report was forwarded to the Grant County prosecutor for charging.

- A man was stopped after he pulled out in front of a patrol officer. He let go with a warning after dispatch reported that his record was clear. Later dispatch advised the officer that the man was wanted on a felony warrant out of Kelso, Wash.

11/12 - Police checked on an accident at Four Corners where a vehicle ran into another vehicle because it was following too closely. Each vehicle suffered damages of over $1,000 and one driver was cited for following too close. One passenger complained of neck and back pain and was taken by ambulance to Coulee Medical Center.

11/13 - A person at Coulee Playland reported to police that he had found two empty tool boxes behind the upper restrooms. The tool boxes were black with yellow handles and are being held at the police station.

- Police pulled over a motorcyclist at the corner of Ludolph Road and Fairway Road in Electric City when it appeared to the officer that he was going too fast. The officer gave the rider an alcohol field test and as a result charged the Grand Coulee man with driving under the influence. When questioned, the man stated that he had a loaded handgun in his possession.

- A woman on Partello Street complained to police that some strange things had been going on around her apartment. The report stated that someone had been observed looking into her apartment and that the woman had been receiving some strange phone calls. Patrols were increased in her area.

11/14 - An Electric City woman was cited for not stopping at a stop sign and playing music too loudly. The officer stated he could hear the music from over 200 feet away and followed the woman when she sped through a school zone stopping her when she failed to stop at the highway entrance.

11/15 - A man on Yakima Street complained that a truck was parked in front of his driveway. The officer searched the area and couldn’t find the driver, so a tow truck was ordered to remove the vehicle.

- A patrolman picked up a stray young dog near the middle school and took it to the veterinary clinic.

- Safeway officials told police that there was a small dog tied up outside the building and that it had been there for hours. An officer took the dog to the veterinary clinic.

- Police went to an apartment on Hill Avenue where there was a disturbance between two women over whether a mother should leave with her baby. The patrolman was told that the mother of the child had indicated she was going to harm herself, although this was denied by the woman. Finally, the woman agreed to see a mental health worker and was taken to Coulee Medical Center.

- USBR Plant Protection called police to report that there were two injured deer near the canal on SR-174. The officer found several deer lying in the brush along the highway, but none were injured.

11/17 - Police answered an alarm at Center Lodge but couldn’t find anything out of place. An attempt was made to locate a staff member of the motel but the officer was unsuccessful.

- A resident on Lewis Street told police that someone had entered his house and had taken a number of items. Items included food, a bag of coins, and personal items that belonged to a person the owner suspected of being the one who had entered through a bedroom window. The man said he didn’t want to press charges, just a record made of the entry.

11/13 - An officer noticed that a vehicle parked in the Banks Lake Pub parking area had an expired license tab. Later the officer stopped the vehicle and the driver was cited for not having his driver’s license on his person, an expired registration and no insurance.

11/18 - A woman on Roosevelt Drive called police to say her landlord was tossing her things out of her house and breaking them. Police learned that the landlord had served an eviction notice and that the items in question were neatly stacked on the curb, not broken.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that a man was rocking a stop sign back and forth at North Dam Park. When an officer confronted the Electric City man, he said he had an ADHD disorder and was just burning off energy and acting stupid. The officer told the man that if there was any damage to the sign, he would have to pay for it. Upon checking the sign, it was determined that it wasn’t damaged.

- A person waved an officer down to report that a teenager was making motions like he was throwing things at vehicles at Four Corners. The reporting party said the teen had bright orange hair, spiked, and was wearing a yellow shirt and black pants, and when he was yelled at, he took off toward the middle school. A school official said the teen was known and the principal would be advised of the incident.

- An officer arrested a man who was wanted for reckless burning and failing to appear in court. He was taken to Grant County Jail.

- Police were notified of a non-injury accident involving two vehicles at the intersection of Western Avenue and Coulee Boulevard in Electric City. Both vehicles suffered about $1,500 damage.

- A Safeway employee told police that he had three fraudulent charges made on his Safeway employee pay card account and that the charges were made by a Brazilian beauty supply company. The charges came to just over $270. The report stated that it was apparent that the man had not made the charges.

- A woman who owns apartments on Federal Avenue said that a storage shed had been broken into again. She stated that it had been broken into earlier and things taken and she had fixed the lock only to have it broken into again. She was asked to fill out a detailed account.

- A woman on Martin Road reported that someone had slashed her tires. Damage was estimated at $450.

- An officer had to put a buck deer out of its misery after it had been struck by a vehicle near the canal.

11/20 - A Grand Coulee man wanted on a warrant was seen leaving Safeway’s parking lot and was stopped on Spokane Way, arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

11/21 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that a USBR employee saw someone walking between Station 3 and the river. Police went to the area and found four USBR employees near there. They said they didn’t see anyone in the area.

11/22 - Police sent a report to the Grant County prosecuting attorney for possible action on a 17-year-old boy who allegedly pulled a knife and threatened another person while on the bus.

- A Nespelem woman was cited for going 75 mph in a 60 mph zone on SR-155 in Electric City.

11/23 - A Seattle driver was stopped at Main Street and Federal Avenue for exceeding the speed limit and later cited for her expired registration and not having insurance.

- A woman told police that her vehicle just died on her near Pole Park. They had to call a tow truck to remove the vehicle from the roadway.

- A woman told police that someone had broken out the front and back windows of her vehicle while it was on Burdin Boulevard. The report stated that it appeared that someone had used a baseball bat on the windows.

11/25 - A Spokane driver was cited for driving while his license was suspended, not having a registration and no insurance, after an officer noticed that he didn’t stop at the stop sign at Spokane Way and Federal Avenue. The driver was told he could not drive and would have to get a licensed driver to take charge of the vehicle.

Coulee Dam


11/17 - Police assisted Tribal Police who were in pursuit of a person with felony warrants in Elmer City. That man got away, but police arrested his brother, who was also wanted on a warrant.

- Police checked on a 911 hang-up call on Aspen. The officer was told that 911 had been dialed accidently. The party was warned to be more careful in dialing.

- A man reported that a suspicious person was seen looking into the window of a business near Sixth Street. Police were unable to locate any person at the address.

- A man on Camas reported to police that two stray dogs were in his yard. An officer saw the dogs and a woman placing them in her backyard. She said that the wind had blown a gate open. She was advised to secure her dogs.

11/21 - A man wanted on felony warrants hid out in the Coulee Dam Casino and was captured on camera leaving the premises. The man is the same one pursued by Tribal police on 11/17 in Elmer City. Police were not able to locate him.

- A man, stopped because of a faulty headlamp, was arrested and taken to Grant County jail when it was learned there was a warrant out for his arrest.

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