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The time is near for all eligible citizens to get out and vote! Why vote?

If you don’t vote you have no reason to complain as how the election turns out.

Locally we have various positions open to the vote of the local people.

I am writing in regards to our local community hospital. Community hospital sounds great but how does the community have any say in the operation of the local hospital?

I’m referring to the decision that was made that our community hospital could not hold a yearly blood draw as it was against the law to do so.

However, the clinic of Wilbur held a blood draw clinic via the Lincoln Hospital in Davenport in September 2013.

Was Wilbur clinic operating against the law or was our local Coulee Medical Center not telling us the truth as to why they never held the clinic this year?

Was this decision made by the administrators or by the commissioners? If this is a community hospital, I strongly believe the community should be told the truth as to who made the decision and why!

We are fortunate to have the hospital in our community and the service is great, along with the doctors, nurses and all of the other employees.

I just believe it is time for a change, so for a start I will be voting for Steven (Ray) Clover for position 1. He is an honest person, along with a hard worker and he tells things as they are and not how we wish they may be!

Let’s all remember to get out and vote and may the best candidate win.

Jerry Beierman

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

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