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Council in a hurtful rut

Letters to the Editor


WHAT DO YOU THINK!? (like Sneena likes to say). I say our incompetent kiddy council needs to get their political priorities straight and actually “DO” something for the Colville Tribes, the Colville tribal peoples.

Spending how many thousands and thousands not only in campaign support, but also: “How many of our dunce sheepdom council went on pilgrimage to Oklahoma just to vote?”

All those wasted thousands upon thousands could very well have been put to much better and more meaningful use. All our tribal kiddies at this late date will still smile ear to ear upon receiving that backpack full of school supplies. Come on council, eat crow, make amends … do the kiddies justice.

Our council is stuck in a damaging, hurtful, rut! They keep saying NO NO NO to tribal member requests and suggestions, but also the very next day or mebbe the following week they literally throw away tribal dollars uselessly to the most assininely ridiculously stooopid, meaningless direction. It is self-evident, peeps!

‘Before’ even leaving on this bling bling 1st vice-presidential ‘titlement’ mission it was already known Prince Mikio was the only wanton candidate to the position … and, WHAT DOES THAT SAY?

In closing out my case here on this phony ‘self-importance’ mission, just you watch! Our princely king of fools will ‘mandate’ the main headline of the next issue of our Tribal Tribune: “Mike Finley 1st Vice-President of NCAI.” Big frikken deal. Just ask anyone, even council, “Who is the outgoing NCAI 1st VP?” Probably not one person will know that answer.

Truman V. Covington

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