Office: Public Hospital District 6 Commission Position 5

Candidates: Betty Brueske and Diane Larson


Betty Brueske’s statement:

The primary challenges that I believe a hospital commissioner faces will be making decisions that support high quality medical care for all while at the same time controlling costs to ensure the solvency of the medical facility.

I believe that this can be accomplished by increasing communication between medical staff, insurers and patients, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery, while lobbying for cost-effective measures to lower the price of diagnostic tests and drugs.

Prior experience on the Hospital Board in the 1980s before it became an elected position, thirty-plus years living and working in the community to gain an understanding of the needs of those who will patronize CMC, knowledge of health care issues, and a positive approach to problem solving make me a capable and enthusiastic candidate.

My past experience as a mental health professional, teacher and counselor have allowed me to gain experience in negotiating skills, gaining consensus, and problem solving, all important qualities for a successful Hospital Board Commissioner.

Diane Larson’s statement:

I am running for Commissioner Position No. 5 in Hospital District No. 6. If I were elected I would serve on the Coulee Medical Center Board of Commissioners. My duties would be to review the business strategies as set out by management and make appropriate suggestions to refine the plan. As I see it, my responsibility would be to represent the interests of the hospital staff and the community, as well as leading the organization in a manner that would result in a well-run and successful entity.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

I possess a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Washington, and I have spent my career working for financial institutions in the Pacific Northwest, primarily as a CEO or CFO. Thus I have the experience and knowledge to understand and analyze financial aspects of the hospital, as well as the challenges of maintaining a successful business operation.

Because the hospital is such an important part of the community, I believe a position on the board is an undertaking to be taken seriously. I would serve to the best of my ability.


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