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The blame game hit home recently when Scott Hunter (the Star editor) blamed the Tea Party for the country’s woes.

I’m not a Tea Party member but know a lot of good people who are.

It seems people have a short memory. The billions of dollars the stimulus plan that was supposed to revive our economy just didn’t work.

Fannie and Freddie were bailed out for over one hundred bllion dollars, mostly for wrecking the housing market and causing real hardship on a lot of people.

Watching the news one evening, it was pointed out the president had lied 30 times during a three-hour newscast.

Over a year ago President Obama went before the United Nations and said the Benghazi Massacre of our diplomats was caused by a video. Another big embarrassing lie, the president was in Las Vegas when our diplomats were murdered, and what he did during the crisis is still unknown. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated what difference does it make. The survivors of Benghazi were threatened and warned not to reveal the truth.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

The IRS scandal is a disaster. A lot of good organizations have been harassed because they were Tea Party members or didn’t agree with President Obama’s agenda.

IRS member Lois Learner took the fifth to avoid telling the truth.

Fast and Furious involved a lot of guns being sent to Mexico (that was not legal) ending up in the hands of the Mexican drug cartel and many lives were lost.

Attorney General Eric Holder says he is investigating all the laws that were broken. A lot of people should be in jail, not one lawbreaker has been arrested for these serious crimes.

I have a choice, and I prefer the Tea Party.

Don McClure



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