Coulee Cops

Reports compiled from police files


Grand Coulee

10/8 - Police were called to the Grand Coulee Dam Middle School after a bomb threat note was found in a student’s book. The writing on the note matched the student’s handwriting. The student wouldn’t admit that he wrote the note. Officials at the school suspended the student for five days.

10/9 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that an employee drove recklessly as he approached the Station 3 guard shack. The guard reported the incident to his supervisor who called police. An officer met with the employee who denied the report. The officer’s report is being sent to the Okanogan County prosecutor’s office for possible action.

- An officer stopped a driver known to be wanted on an arrest warrant. The officer also noticed that her passenger was not wearing his seatbelt. The woman was advised she was under arrest, and the man allegedly gave the officer a false name, but finally confirmed his real name. He was also wanted on a felony warrant out of Spokane. The two were taken to Grant County Jail.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

10/10 - A woman living on Burdin Boulevard asked for extra patrols because she told police that she had been “flipped off” several times and was concerned.

- A woman called police and reported that her husband, who doesn’t live with her, was drinking and driving around in a white pickup. Police found the man, who thought he was in the passenger side of the vehicle, and the officer could see that the keys of the vehicle were on the floor. A rifle in the pickup was secured and the man’s sister came to pick him up.

10/11 - A man walking on SR-174 was picked up because an officer knew of a warrant on him. He told the officer that someone was using his name. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- A Sedro Woolley man was stopped when an officer saw that one of his vehicle head lamps was out. He was wanted on three misdemeanor warrants and had a suspended license. He was told not to drive and the report is being forwarded to the prosecutor’s office.

- A Pleasant Valley driver was stopped when an officer observed that two in the vehicle were not wearing their seat belts. The minor driver was cited for this and for having persons under 20 riding with him.

10/12 - A woman on Weil Place contacted police about oil on her steps and the imprint of a shoe in the oil. She said she had seen a man who lives on Dill Avenue at the site. Police contacted the man and noted that the imprint of his shoe was the same as the imprint in the oil. The shoes were taken as evidence and the report went to the prosecutor’s office for possible action.

10/13 - A man with a German driver’s license was cited in Electric City for going 77 mph in a 35 mph zone.

- Police were called to King Street on a report of domestic violence. Police found a man and woman yelling at each other. They stated that there was no violence going on and that they were just yelling over a football game.

- A Moses Lake driver was stopped because the officer could see that a passenger wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. The driver was cited for allowing a person to ride without wearing a seatbelt and for having people in the vehicle who were underage because of his restricted license.

- Police found a brush fire in the alley of Burdin Boulevard and called the fire department. Before it arrived, a couple came outside and said the fire was theirs. After the officer explained that they couldn’t burn, the couple put the fire out.

- Police helped a stalled driver get his vehicle going at Riley Point. The officer furnished starter fluid to help the driver.

10/14 - A woman reported that her husband who suffers from dementia was missing. Police found the man and returned him to his residence.

Coulee Dam Police

10/8 - A concerned citizen advised police that a person known to be wanted on an arrest warrant was inside the Coulee Dam Casino. Police waited for the suspect to leave the casino and then pulled the car over. The man confirmed the arrest warrant, was handcuffed and taken to Okanogan County Jail.

10/9 - Police stopped a vehicle with an expired license and found the driver’s license was suspended. Her boyfriend riding in the front seat with her was taken to the Okanogan County juvenile center on a warrant. The driver was cited and released and a licensed driver came to take charge of the vehicle.

- Police noticed a woman walking with a backpack who approached to say she had been in an argument with another person, which was why she was crying. She wondered if the Coulee Dam police had vouchers for a motel room but was told that Grand Coulee might. While they were checking, police learned that the woman had a warrant out for her arrest. She was taken to the Okanogan County Jail.

10/12 - A business owner called police to report he found a safe near the rear door to his business. Police stated that the safe was unlocked and empty. The safe was placed in the police department’s evidence locker.


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