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9/30 - A Keller woman was pulled over for not using her directional signals while turning and the officer found that her driver’s license and registration had expired. She was cited on both counts.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that a delivery truck had set an oil can next to the gate shack. The officer found a quart can of oil with a delivery slip under it. A Plant Protection officer said to leave the can where it was found.

10/1 - A Coulee Dam woman was stopped for not wearing a seatbelt and she told the officer that she wore her seatbelt under her arm because of a medical condition. The officer asked if she had a note from her doctor or a letter from the Department of Licensing. The woman was unable to produce an insurance card and was cited for that and warned on the seatbelt violation.

- An Electric City woman was pulled over and cited for not wearing her seat belt. The officer’s report stated that he viewed the woman twice and she wasn’t wearing her seat belt either time. When stopped, the woman said she had her seat belt on.

- A boy, 11, on Fortuyn Road told an officer that some other boys had threatened to shoot him with a bb gun. The officer talked with the boys in question and they all had toy guns. The officer admonished them not to point even toy guns at other people.

10/2 - A Nespelem man was cited for unsafe backing and not having insurance after his vehicle hit one behind him at the corner of Kimball Street and Midway. The driver said he didn’t see the vehicle behind him.

- An Electric City man on Electric Boulevard told police that a woman had left his residence naked except for a pair of panties. He said he gave the woman a blanket to wear. Police were unable to find the woman.

10/3 - Later the next day, police stopped a man to ask him about the near-naked woman and found that he was wanted on a felony warrant. He was arrested and taken to Grant County Jail.

- An officer received a call from a place on Main Street that a cooler that smelled like marijuana had been left in front of the door. Police opened the container and found a prescription bottle with a name on it, and a driver’s license and a glass pipe.

10/4 - A patrol officer replaced a barricade to Crescent Bay after he found it had been moved back. While backing around, the officer’s patrol car sunk into soft gravel and hit a rock causing minor damage.

- Two students were suspended from the middle school for three days for fighting on the volleyball bus. An officer was called to the school to investigate.

- A Wilbur man came in to the police department to see if anyone had reported a vehicle accident. He said he was involved with another vehicle and had left information at the site and wondered if it had been reported yet.

- A woman was stopped because her passenger wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. The driver couldn’t provide proof of insurance or a registration for the vehicle. Both were cited.

- Police stopped a man who was pulling a three-wheeled cycle up 2nd Street. The officer knew that the man was wanted on a felony warrant. While talking with the man the officer noticed him throwing a small black bag on the ground. When the officer retrieved the bag he found it to contain multiple small bags with a crystal substance inside. The man was arrested on the warrant and taken to jail. The bag and contents were sent to the Washington State Patrol crime lab for analysis.

10/5 - A driver struck another vehicle while trying to back into a parking space at Safeway. She entered the store to find the driver of the vehicle she struck.

- A man who had been hunting in the Osborne Bay area told police that he found a backpack and a woman’s boot. They were kept for later identification.

- Police were informed by a man that he thought his nephew had taken some of his prescription medicine. The nephew was contacted by police and said that he had taken most of it back, and then refused to talk further with the officer.

- A Bonney Lake man was stopped for going 20 mph over the speed limit and was later cited for not having insurance. He got a warning on the speeding infraction.

10/6 - A man reported what he thought was a broken water main on Martin Road. The officer observed that sewer effluent was coming up out of the ground and notified city workers.

- A woman was stopped on Midway for not wearing her seatbelt and received a citation for this and for not having insurance.

- Three juveniles riding a four-wheeler and a motorcycle up and down the streets were stopped by an officer on Batchelor’s Square, where they were trying to hide. Parents came to take charge of the boys.

Coulee Dam


10/1 - An employee of Harvest Foods witnessed a woman shove some pork chops in her purse. The woman was kept in the store until police arrived. The woman said she attempted to steal the pork chops to give her children a good meal. Police are sending the report to the prosecutor’s office for action.

10/2 - Police stopped a vehicle at River Drive and Roosevelt Way because of a faulty headlamp. After confirming a Grant County warrant, the officer arrested a passenger and took him to jail.

- A girl turned herself in to police on a warrant that had been issued for her arrest. She was taken to Okanogan County Juvenile Detention,

10/3 - Police secured an open door at a portable at Lake Roosevelt High School.

- A man reported to police that someone had taken his semi-automatic pistol from his locked jeep while he was in the Coulee Dam Casino. Police checked the casino’s video camera of the parking lot and are investigating.

- Police directed traffic around a stalled vehicle on the Columbia River bridge. A party left to get a tow strip to remove the vehicle.

10/4 - A police officer observed what might have been an assault in front of the Coulee Dam Casino. He found that some women were trying to help another woman into a car. The officer found that the woman, who was intoxicated, was wanted on a warrant. One of the women at the scene had a no-contact order with the woman with the warrant. Both were taken to Okanogan County Jail.

- Dispatch advised police that a large black bear was in a yard eating garbage at 12th Street and River Drive. A call was made for a tribal resource officer, but the officer was advised they would be unable to come, and then a call was made to the Fish & Wildlife Department. The officer stayed for awhile and warned people to stay away from the bear, then had to leave for a jail transport.

10/5 - There was a report of a bear walking east toward Central Drive in the 1100 block of Camas. A Tribal resource officer was called and he and a Coulee Dam officer looked for the bear but couldn’t locate it.

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