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RE: Local Businesses Complain About Home Mechanic


Now let me get this straight. A couple of people are complaining to the city to stop a resident from helping out his friends and neighbors because it may be costing their business clientele? And in order to sweeten the complaint, they tell the city council, “Look, you’re losing money too.”

This is so ridiculous. And a waste of my tax dollars while the city wastes their time “looking into it.” So basically, if I wanted to help my friends and neighbors with their yards by going around and mowing the lawns, and they paid me for my gas, and maybe fed me lunch, a landscaping company can complain because they and the city will lose money? And to prove their point, they use my owning a lawnmower as proof of having enough equipment to run a landscaping business? Again, this is so ridiculous.

I live next door to the Picards and never has this so called “business” bothered us. There are no advertising signs out in the front yard trying to bring in customers. People aren’t lining up outside blocking the road or causing disturbances. A lot of people do request his help, and I do recommend him to folks who are having mechanical issues. Why? Because he is exceptional at what he does.

And maybe, just maybe, that is what the real problem is.

Mark Graves

Grand Coulee, WA

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