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9/18 - A man told police that a spotting scope valued at over $400 was taken from the back seat of his pickup while he had it parked at a business in Electric City for repair.

- Police checked on a report of a threat in Electric City over a person’s personal effects that had been placed in a storage unit by someone else.  The officer was able to get the two parties to cooperate and then left the scene.

- An employee at Safeway reported that they had seen a soda that was half empty and a package of “Nutterbutters” and a bike behind the store.  There was also a black tarp with wood stacked on it in the same location. The officer checked the area but didn’t find anyone there.

- Police followed up on a dog complaint on Sunset Drive in Electric City and the owner of the dog stated that the issue would be resolved and that he would talk to the person complaining.

- Officers checked on a report of  remote-controlled car at Continental Heights.  The car was gone when police arrived.

9/19 - Police checked on a driver that reportedly had been drinking.  When confronted, the officer found that the man hadn’t been drinking, but had an expired driver’s license.  He was cited and the vehicle released to a licensed driver.

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- Police responded to a disturbance on Federal Avenue where a woman’s ex-boyfriend was in a dispute with her new boyfriend.  The dispute was over the ex-boyfriend leaning on a car.  Police took care of the matter but as the new boyfriend was leaving he made a threatening statement.  He was warned by police not to do anything.

- A woman who reportedly was intoxicated was causing a disturbance at a location on Continental Heights and had left before the officer arrived.  He made contact with the woman at her residence and upon checking found that she had several warrants out for her arrest.  The woman was difficult to handle and the officer had to put a belly chain restraint on her for transport to Grant County jail.

9/20 - Police stopped a vehicle with expired tabs and found that the driver said he didn’t have any of the documents the officer requested.  The man was cited and given a ride home to his Mead Avenue residence and the vehicle was towed.

9/21 - Police cited a man for hit and run after his vehicle hit a container at Jack’s Spring Canyon Service and the man drove away,  Police had to go to the man’s house to serve the citation.

- Police received a call that someone had tied a boat to a buoy line at the feeder canal on Banks Lake.  Police yelled at the man to remove the line and the man did so.

- Plant Protection advised police that three people were at the point off North Dam after hours.  The three were advised to leave and left.

9/22 - A Burdin Boulevards man was cited for changing information on his trip permit and for not having insurance.

9/23 - a Spokane man was cited for driving while his license was suspended, expired license and no insurance after he was stopped when the officer noticed outdated tabs.

9/25- A driver was stopped when an officer noticed that he and a female passenger were not wearing seat belts. The driver was cited on the seat belt issue, not having a driver’s license and no insurance and the passenger on the seat belt issue.

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9/24 - An officer reported that he hit a deer while enroute home. There was a slight damage to the vehicle.

- A Chelan driver was stopped for speeding and was cited for not having a valid operator’s license.

- A driver who was in front of a patrol car failed to make a stop at Four Corners and was pulled over. The driver said his passenger alerted him to the fact that he didn’t stop. He was cited for this and for not having the vehicle registration in the vehicle.

9/25 - Police warned a resident on Burdin Boulevard about shooting animals with a high powered pellet gun. The officer told the man it was the only warning he was going to get.

- A woman told police that a man had “flipped them off” and caused her children, 4 and 6, to cry. Police confronted the man who denied it by saying he didn’t flip little kids off.

9/27 - A man who had reported his spotting scope missing while it was parked in Electric City reported that it had been found.

- An officer found a red and black bag near 500 Switchyard Road with Tulalip Health Clinic stamped on it. It is being held in the department.

- An employee of Safeway reported to police that two males had grabbed a bottle of Hennessy Cognac and ran from the store without paying for it. The store’s security camera caught the theft and officials are trying to identify the pair.

9/28 - A woman was stopped near Pole Park after an officer noticed her license plate light was faulty. She could not show proof of insurance and was cited for that and warned on the light.

- A clerk at an Electric City store advised police of an assault that occurred in the parking lot. Police were able to locate the driver of the vehicle who reported that he was trying to get $60 back from a person who had taken it from a woman in Coulee Dam, and had swung a tire iron at the person, missed and hit himself with it. Police are trying to find the other party.

- Police were notified by a staff member of the Colville Tribal Suicide Prevention staff who wanted an officer to check on a person who had placed what they thought were alarming comments on Facebook. An officer contacted the woman who said that her friends were helping her get through a rough time.

9/29- A woman who thought another woman had stolen a pair of earrings from her hit the alleged thief with a five-pound wood and metal antique drill. The woman who was struck was transported to Coulee Medical Center with a split lip and loosened teeth. The woman who swung the drill was arrested for assault in the 3rd degree and taken to Grant County jail.


9/16 - Plant Protection advised police that they saw a contractor go through the right powerhouse gate with what appeared to be a gun in his vehicle. Police arrived and escorted the driver and vehicle off the project.

9/17 - Police were called to Elmer City by Tribal police on a threatened suicide call. The officer found a woman on the floor who told the officer that she didn’t want to live any longer. An ambulance was called and the woman, at first, refused to go on the ambulance, but later changed her mind and the Coulee Dam officer went with the ambulance to the hospital. The Tribal officer had arrived to take charge and backed his patrol car into the Coulee Dam patrol car causing a dent and two punctures on the bumper.

9/19 - Police were called back to Elmer City on the suicide incident that had occurred earlier that week. The woman involved said she didn’t want to go to the hospital, but the ambulance arrived and she was taken to Coulee Medical Center for evaluation and a check up by a mental health official.

- A resident on River Drive reported a bear in a tree in his neighbor’s front yard. He told the officer that his dogs started barking and then he saw the bear in his backyard. The reporting party said the bear then ran to the tree and climbed it. It was decided to let the bear come down on his own.

9/21 - Plant Protection asked that a Q Services employee be escorted off the project because she had an expired badge. When confronted the person in question showed a current badge. She was still escorted out of the project while supervisors sorted out the problem.

- A man was stopped when an officer noticed that his vehicle had defective equipment. The officer learned that the man didn’t have insurance and issued him a citation. The man said he had received the same citation a few days earlier. He got a warning on the defective equipment.

- Police received a call for lift assistance getting a man on Stevens Avenue into an ambulance.

9/23 - Plant Protection told police that a large RV was illegally parked in the upper Visitor Center parking lot. Police asked the driver to move to a new location and he promptly did so.

9/23 - Police found an abandoned bicycle in the post office parking lot.

- An officer checked on a noise complaint on Central Drive. The residence the noise was coming from explained that they were celebrating his daughter’s birthday using a karaoke machine. They were told to keep the noise down.

- An officer made out a report on a Grand Coulee officer who struck a deer. Photos were taken and turned in to Canfied & Associates, who carry the insurance for the City of Grand Coulee.

9/25 - A woman living on Fir Street told police that she found a young man around her house and asked him what he was doing and he said he was doing push-ups to keep in shape. When she asked the young man what he was doing, he just left the area. She told police who the young man was.

9/26 - An official at Lake Roosevelt High School called police to report a student who had a warrant out for him was in class. Police took the student to the top of Desautel Pass where an Okanogan County officer met them and then took the youth to the juvenile detention center.


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