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9/16 - Plant Protection asked police to stand by while officials took administrative action against a former employee,  Officials told police that the former employee was disgruntled.

Police stood by until the person left the area.  

9/17 - A man reported that there was a car parked in his driveway with a woman sleeping inside.  Police tried to contact the woman by tapping on the window but she didn’t respond.  At a later attempt to contact the woman, she responded and said that she was parked there because she had had a dispute at her home.  The officer left to get a background check on the woman and when he returned she had the hood up and when the officer got out of the car she turned and had a large knife in her hand.  She said she was using the knife to start the car.  The woman had a suspended license and was told not to drive and that the vehicle had to be moved within 24 hours.

- The middle school reported that a student had been suspended for a theft incident.  Since the school was handling the matter, no further action was taken at the time.

- A Spokane driver was stopped for a faulty light and after checking with the driver the officer issued a ticket for not having insurance.

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