What is going on with the Colville Confederated Tribes?

Letters to the Editor


Just my opinion ... but I still adamantly say strict oversight by the peoples is necessarily ‘there’ against a still dysfunctional council ... and, further that we the concerned membership fighting for council reform truly and necessarily need “more” support from the general membership to enact once again constitutional governance, as non-transparency from council is still the rule rather than the exception.

A ‘new’, third CCT corporation? NO! NO! NO!...it will only be one more corporate to siphon off of our CCT fiscal sustainability. Going clear back to last April, council applied for and received a sizeable federal grant toward the CCT youth. Since that time frame have you seen, heard, read about any CCT program monies going to our tribal youth? I haven’t. Where has this money gone?

Perhaps still another reason for forensic audits. Perhaps more fiscal mismanagement jeopardizing any future federal grant monies.

In this dangerous détente, idly sitting by, waiting on that court decision ... become participative to change! Look for and find those lady elders who are recall petition carriers. YES, they are still out there, folks. When, and only when those recall petitions are put into motion will we, the Colville tribal peoples, begin to see reform on the Colville tribal reservation.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

Truman Covington


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