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Grand Coulee Police

9/8 - Five juveniles may be in trouble after allegedly driving around Division Street shooting a paintball rifle at deer and at one house. Police stopped the vehicle with five juveniles inside. The driver had an expired learner’s permit and no identification on him. Police told the five that they face charges of malicious mischief and sent the report to the prosecutor’s office. The owner of the vehicle was contacted past 1 a.m. to come get the vehicle.

- Police answered a call of a burglary in progress on Continental Heights. When the officer arrived he was advised by the apartment tenant that there was a naked woman in his bed and he wanted her to leave. The woman had had mental health issues. Police finally persuaded the woman to get dressed and leave after citing her for criminal trespass.

9/9 - An officer found a foot scooter at North Dam Park. The scooter is in the department’s property room waiting for the owner to come and pick it up.

- A student who lives at Coulee Boulevard West in Electric City was questioned by police when he was identified by two young men as the person who threw a plastic bottle out of a school bus and hit a car. The owner of the car didn’t want to press charges.

- A business owner in Electric City advised police that a man was lying on a bench in the lot next to H&H Grocery and he didn’t know if he was alive. Police went to the site and found an intoxicated male who responded to police. He got up to walk home but was having trouble doing so and police gave him a ride home.

- Police responded to an unknown problem at 5th Street and Sunny Drive where they found a woman covered in blood who had apparently cut her wrist with a large knife. The woman was attended by EMS personnel and then taken to Coulee Medical Center for treatment. A mental health worker was called.

9/10 - There was a report of a burglary in progress on “B” Street. The officer learned that someone had seen a young woman climb through a window at a residence. Police knocked on the door and the young woman answered and explained that she had locked herself out.

- A woman on Burdin Boulevard called to report that her 6-year-old son had been struck on the head with a hammer. She explained that her son had been playing with a neighbor boy who, while building a fort, tossed the hammer. It hit the 6-year-old. No action was taken.

9/11 - An officer checked on a report of a child operating an off-road vehicle on the road near Banks Avenue and Ronald Road. The father of the child was advised it was illegal to operate the vehicle on the road.

9/12 - Police checked on a report of a person’s car damaged in the parking lot of North Cascades Bank. Bank personnel said a woman driver struck the vehicle while backing out. Police are investigating.

- An officer checked on a report of someone shooting a paintball gun into the LaPresa Restaurant. Workers there said they thought the shooting was coming from a residence on Ronald Drive. Police checked at the residence but couldn’t raise anyone. Restaurant personnel said they didn’t want to press charges, just get the person to quit.

- Department officers assisted Coulee Dam and tribal police as they tried to recover a stolen vehicle. The offender wasn’t found.

9/14 - A local resident told police that the music at Electric City Bar and Grill was too loud. Police asked the owner to turn the music down and he did.

- A man told police that his father-in-law had used his tools and refused to give them back. The man who had the tools said he bought them but when asked to produce a bill of sale, he couldn’t and agreed to give the tools back. The man was banned from his son-in-law’s property.

9/16 - USBR Plant Protection advised police that a worker had a gun in his vehicle. The man stated that he had been hunting and that he had left the magazine someplace else. The man agreed to take the gun to a friend’s house.

Coulee Dam Police

9/5 - A man on Aspen Street was advised by the Colville Tribes and town of Coulee Dam that his property needed to be cleaned up. It was reported that several vehicles, boats, campers, coolers, tarps and garbage was lying all over the front yard. The person was notified to clean it up or face a fine.

9/6 - Police got into the middle of an argument between a Country Cable worker and a resident of Tilmus Street. The cable man was in the area to hook up the man’s neighbor to TV and had told the neighbor he needed to park in his driveway and walk across his property to gain access to a utility pole. The neighbor told him he couldn’t and an argument followed. The cable man said he was having a bad day and that he wouldn’t cause any problem.

- A USBR patrol advised police that a stop sign at the south end of River Drive was down. It was reported that the sign belonged to the state Department of Transportation, which was the party to call. It was reported that no one would be coming to take care of the sign, so the town crew tied it to a power pole.

9/7 - A man on Fir Street reported to police that a young person was on the roof of the neighbor’s house. He told police that he saw the youth up close when he crawled down from the roof and that the young man ran north on Fir Street. Police could not find the suspect and when the officer checked the house it was secure.

- Operators of two canoes who had paddled under the bridge were told that the area was off limits.

9/9 - A woman watching a bear on River Drive was identified as a person wanted on a warrant. She was arrested and taken to Okanogan County Jail. The bear wandered away.

- A man was caught trying to sneak an extra can of Mike’s Hard Lemonade into one sack of two that he had just purchased. He apologized to the officer that questioned him. He had claimed that he had paid for all three but was confronted by the clerk at Harvest Foods.

- Police asked a resident on Holly Street when she was going to remove a tree that had toppled during the August storm since part of it was covering the sidewalk. She said a contractor was scheduled to remove it soon.

9/11 - Police provided traffic control for two men who had a tire problem near the top of the dam and were fixing it.

9/12 - An officer stopped a car traveling 46 mph in a 30 mph zone and found that the driver was wanted on an arrest warrant, and her passenger was a petitioner in a protection order against the driver. Both ended up in Okanogan County Jail.

9/13 - Police followed up on a 911 hang-up call and was told by the resident that his yard sprinkler had soaked his phone line. The officer checked the phone and could hear static and found nothing wrong at the residence.

- A woman on Holly Street told police that a neighbor was tossing garbage over the fence into her backyard. Police talked to the neighbor, who said she couldn’t clean it up because she had a bad back but would get her children to do it.

9/15 - Police went to Camas Street because of a loud domestic dispute. Police found a woman yelling at her boyfriend not to drive because he had been drinking. After everyone was quieted down the officers left.

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