Funds sought by towns' tourism levels


The chamber of commerce is attempting to solicit tourism promotion funds from the local cities proportionally to the size of their tourism income.

Chamber Manager Peggy Nevsimal laid out her organization’s plans to develop tourism in 2014 at the Grand Coulee Council meeting last Tuesday night.

She explained that the three municipalities, Grand Coulee, Electric City and Coulee Dam, which collect hotel/motel taxes, together take in about $128,000 a year of the tax that, by state law, is to be spent on promoting tourism. Electric City takes in about $67,000 annually; Grand Coulee, $20,500; and Coulee Dam, $40,350.

Nevsimal unveiled a chamber plan asking for $9,941 from Grand Coulee’s annual hotel/motel revenues of $20,500.

The chamber manager had already appeared before Electric City’s council, asking for $32,491.

She explained that of the $128,000 collected by the three towns, Grand Coulee’s part was 16 percent of the total, so the chamber is asking Grand Coulee to fund 16 percent of its $62,000 plan. It is seeking 52.41 percent from Electric City, and when it appears before Coulee Dam’s town council, the chamber will ask for 31.56 percent of the total, or $19,567.

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If successful in the three towns, the money would account for $62,000 for advertising and promoting the region for the next tourist season.

Nevsimal’s presentation outlined how the chamber would spend the money.

The chamber got a warm reception at the council meeting, but the amount of the request caused one council member to remind its members that the Ridge Riders and other organizations would also be appearing, and asking for hotel/motel tax funds.

The chamber is on the agenda tonight (Wednesday, Sept. 11) at the Coulee Dam Town Council. The meeting starts at 6 p.m.


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