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Grand Coulee Police

9/2 - Police responded to a report of gunshots on Kruk Road near the golf course. The officers found two Tacoma men bird hunting. They were told that there was no hunting allowed within the city limits of Electric City and left the area.

- Police saw a person known to have a warrant out for his arrest and picked him up at Four Corners. After checking his tattoos for a positive identification, he was taken to Grant County jail.

- Plant Protection alerted police that there was someone inside the gated area for the 500 Kv switchyard. Police found a man who owned land in the area and was allowed a key to the gate.

9/3 - Police stopped a driver on Alcan Road because his license plate light was not working. he was cited for not having insurance.

- Police responded to a 911 call that a child was left home alone on Bowen Street. The patrolman learned that the mother had gone to do some laundry and a family member was in the house. When the mother left, the family member thought the child was with her mother and left. It all worked out when the mother returned and the explanations were made.

- Plant Protection advised police that there were people in North Dam Park after hours. Police advised the party of the posted hours and they left.

- A woman on Spokane Way told police that her boyfriend had a key to her place and she wanted it back. Police talked with the man who stated he didn’t have the key. The woman was advised to talk with her landlord and request the locks be changed or get relief through the courts.

9/4 - A woman left her wallet in a cart at Safeway after she checked out, and when she returned, an employee gave it back to her. She told police that $96 was missing, and officials at Safeway stated that they would check their security cameras to see if anything showed up.

- An officer went to a house on Butler Square where there was a report that a youth had tried to hang himself. The youth told the officer that he was in charge of younger siblings and needed time alone and was trying to get his mother’s attention. Mental Health was advised of the situation.

- Police checked on a report that there was a 16-year-old who was suicidal on Burdin Boulevard. An officer checked on the youth who stated he didn’t intend to hurt himself, but had told his mother that if he did, she wouldn’t care. Later the same youth was found on the sidewalk leaning on a wall. He told the officer he was just thinking and that he was OK.

9/5 - An officer located an access device and key for Coulee Medical Center in the Electric City Post Office. The items were returned to the charge nurse at the facility.

- A person reported that he had found a billfold on SR 155, near the south Electric City limits. He gave the wallet to an officer, who will mail it back to its owner.

- A driver was stopped on Midway Avenue when the officer noticed she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. She could not produce an insurance card and was cited for the seat belt issue and not having insurance. She was warned on not having her registration signed.

- A man residing on Young Street advised police of a vehicle prowl where a thief had removed a $200 stereo system from his car. He said he heard a door slam about 3 a.m., and saw a man enter a car and leave. He said he hadn’t seen the car before.

- Police told the driver of a meat van that he couldn’t sell in Electric City without a license. He was seen on Pearl Avenue and later on Sunset.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that an unoccupied vehicle belonging to an Electric City person had rolled into a government vehicle. It was determined that the parking brake was not set. Damage was estimated at $3,500.

9/6 - Police were advised of loud music being played at a residence on W. Grand Avenue in Electric City. Police could hear the loud music from inside the patrol car. An officer rapped on the door twice and the music stopped but no one came to the door. The party inside checked the window and saw the police car and lowered the blinds, but still didn’t respond.

- A Seattle man was pulled over for going 11-15 mph over the speed limit and was cited for speeding, not having a valid operator’s license and having an expired vehicle license. The man called to get a licensed driver to take charge of the vehicle.

9/7 - Police checked on an open warehouse door on “A” Street and found that someone had taken the screws out of the hasp holding the padlock. The officers could not determine if anything was missing and tried to locate the owner of the building.

- Two men fishing at the Tanner Gates near North Dam Park were advised by police that the area was off limits. The two left the area.

- Police checked on an incident where a man reportedly tried to talk with a 4-year-old on Spokane Avenue. The reporting party wanted to advise police of the incident in case there was a problem.

- The owner of a vehicle blocking the alley off Burdin Boulevard was advised that if this continued, the vehicle would be towed.

- A section of barbed wire was cut at Bird’s Auto storage yard in Electric City. The area appeared to be secure according to the officer’s report.

- A surprise birthday bash near Crest and Jackson avenues attracted police. People had complained of the noise and a possible fight. The large group of people was advised to keep the noise level down.

Coulee Dam Police

9/3 - A woman on Stevens was warned about her barking dogs. The report stated that three dogs barked most of the night and upset neighbors. The woman was given a copy of the town’s ordinance on public nuisance and warned about the dogs.

- USBR Plant Protection advised police that a woman from Seattle told a tour guide that she had come there with her boyfriend, who was also her landlord, and that they had had an argument and she wanted information on the bus schedule to get home. She said that it was an argument and that she hadn’t been struck or hurt in any way.

9/4 - A woman told Plant Protection that she had lost her wallet and she thought it was someplace inside the Visitor Center. A search was made of the VC but the wallet was not found. Later the wallet turned up and was placed at the Coulee Dam Police Dept. for recovery.

9/5 - A man on Aspen Street was advised by the Colville Tribes and town of Coulee Dam that his property needed to be cleaned up. It was reported that several vehicles, boats, campers, coolers, tarps and garbage was lying all over the front yard. The person was notified to clean it up or face a fine.

9/6 - Police got into the middle of an argument between a Country Cable worker and a resident of Tilmus Street. The cable man was in the area to hook up the man’s neighbor to TV and had told the neighbor he needed to park in his driveway and walk across his property to gain access to a utility pole. The neighbor told him he couldn’t and an argument followed. The cable man said he was having a bad day and that he wouldn’t cause any problem.

- A USBR patrol advised police that a stop sign at the south end of River Drive was down. It was reported that the sign belonged to the state Department of Transportation, which was the party to call. It was reported that no one would be coming to take care of the sign, so the town crew tied it to a power pole.

9/7 - A man on Fir Street reported to police that a young person was on the roof of the neighbor’s house. He told police that he saw the youth up close when he crawled down from the roof and that the young man ran north on Fir Street. Police could not find the suspect and when the officer checked the house it was secure.

- Operators of two canoes who had paddled under the bridge were told that the area was off limits.

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