Tribal writer says he may have to back down

Letters to the Editor


It saddens me that I may perhaps have to step down, step back from my political views, advocacy for our tribal peoples. My son TJ was working at the Manson casino as a dealer and has been gone for personal reasons. When he left, he was assured he would be most welcome back and that a position “would be there for him.” Now they make excuses they cannot put him back on.

He was quite successful as a dealer for the casino and was quickly offered a supervisory position. NOW, they refuse to take him back ... POLITICAL BS!

I have offered up — for him, to help him — come stay with me in Spokane and get set up here.

Our Council is destroying our tribe, our working peoples, personal lives, our administration, our fiscal sustainability, all in the name of personal agenda, personal gain. Need I say more! It is sad, sad, sad.

Please, peoples, finish out those recall petitions! recall all ... recall all... RECALL ALL. Like Lynn Palmanteer Holder said in her campaign letter promises: TIME FOR CHANGE IS NOW!

Truman Covington

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

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