Port district honors volunteers


Port District officials recognize the value of volunteers.

Praise for volunteers cropped up at the Port District’s monthly meeting last week when Commissioner Dennis Lohrman told how it would have been virtually impossible to run the Banks Lake Golf Course this year without them.

Port District 7 owns the golf course and has managed it the past two years, this year with a large number of volunteers.

Saturday night volunteers were honored by port commissioners at a dinner fundraiser at the golf course.

Those honored included Jerry Birdwell, a former port commissioner; Ron and Sue Bjorkland, Doug Boll, Lowell Bowman, Dick Brockway, Bobby Carlson, Betty Davis, Billy Desautel, Moe & Kathy Evans, A.J. Gerard, Tag Grier, Gary Haag, Lowell & Birdie Hensley, Kay Johnston, Randy Larson, Sally McDowell, Helen Olbricht, Carl & Sandy Sheehy and Donna White.

“Without their willingness to help, the course would not be as enriched as it is today,” Port District Chairman Orville Scharbach said.

Port officials also recognized Mike Parisian for his dedication and valued contribution to the running of the office. Also honored were Gordon Myrick, Herb and Linda Sherburne, and Stan and Cheryl Conklin for funding the evening meal for 24 senior citizens.

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Parisian manages the golf course front office and Conklin is a former commissioner.

The port district took over the golf course two seasons ago when the course was in danger of closing.


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