School Construction Schedule Back on Track


Construction on the K-12 school facility is finally catching up to its original schedule,

Superintendent Dennis Carlson told the Grand Coulee Dam School District board Monday night. By working Fridays, contractors are nearly back on their original schedule.

Contractors faced some delays due to mistakes made on the original surveying of the school site. As a result of that, the site had been covered by about two extra feet of fill sand material.

The added expenses incurred as a result of this is being covered by the insurance company of the original survey company.

Carlson explained to the board that contractors, who were scheduled to work four 10-hour days and take off Fridays, have worked Fridays to catch up with the schedule.

At the time of the fill problem, contractors said they would try to regain the time lost by working overtime on Fridays.

That has happened, Carlson told the board, and it appears that the schedule problem has been resolved.

Contractors continue to erect the steel beams. The part of the elementary school side is complete, the administrative center nears completion, and after concrete pads for the administrative area and high school/middle school are poured this week, steel will start springing up on that part of the project.

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Carlson has shared hopes that the project can be accelerated so students will be able to move into the facility to start the 2014-15 school year in the new building.


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