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Grand Coulee Police

8/19 - Three youngsters flagged down a police officer in the Safeway parking lot to report that their bicycles had been taken. The three said they were in Safeway about 25 minutes and when they came out their bikes were gone.

- Police got a call to check on a National Park Service employee who was out with a subject in Osborne Bay. Police contacted the NPS employee and everything was fine.

- Officials at the USBR’s Visitor Center asked for assistance in regard to a car blocking the entrance to their parking lot. The officer was told that the car had been there about 20 minutes and no one was near it. The officer had the car towed away.

8/20 - A vehicle prowl was reported on Lakeview Avenue NE, in Electric City. The owner of the vehicle stated that about $10 was missing.

- Police checked on a report that several persons had gone over the wall near the restrooms at Station 2, at the Bureau of Reclamation. Police communicated with those responsible and they left the area.

8/21 - Police noticed a small boy lying on the ground near the overlook area just above Grand Coulee Dam. The boy had fallen off his bicycle. It was reported that the boy had a few scrapes, but didn’t need medical attention.

- An officer checked on a report that a person was lying in the roadway on SR-155 near Jones Bay. The officer didn’t find anyone, but did find rocks on the road and removed them.

8/22 - Police advised a party on Partello Street to get an anti-harassment order through the courts if text messages from a relative arguing about an estate were upsetting her. She was advised to keep a lot of the text messages.

8/23 - A woman on Wenatchee Avenue NE told police that she thought a certain party had taken her cell phone. Police confronted the party, who agreed to a search of his person and vehicle; the officer did not find a cell phone. Later the reporting party called to say she had found the cell phone in a tool box.

Coulee Medical Center ER and Walk-In Care

- Plant Protection called about a suspicious backpack outside the Visitor Center. While enroute the officer was advised that he wasn’t needed, and then advised that istwas a blue blanket covering the trash can at the comfort station below. The officer put the blanket in the trash can.

- A Grand Coulee man was banned from the Coulee Creamery after asking for several samples of ice cream and trying to get staff to feed the samples to him.

8/24 - Police were called to Sunbanks Lake Resort where an intoxicated man was reportedly yelling and screaming. Police could not find him.

8/24 - An ambulance was requested at the Tropical Pig after an employee fell out of the back of a pickup as it was transporting garbage around to the back of the building in Electric City. The man had a head injury and a bloody hand. He was taken to Coulee Medical Center.

8/25 - A person at the Spring Canyon Apartments reported a suspicious person there. Police talked to the man, who said he was doing fine and headed home for breakfast. Later the same man was reported as causing a problem at a coffee stand and refusing to leave. Police talked with him and he agreed to leave.

- A man on Young Street asked police to check to see if a vehicle he traded for had been stolen since he hadn’t received a title. Police found the vehicle had been stolen in Spokane County. The officer alerted Okanogan County of the incident since the man lived in that county.

8/26 - A woman told police about a phone scam that involved her mother. She said that her mother had sent someone in Jamaica money and they were now trying to contact her. The woman told the scammer to quit calling and her request was answered by profanity and a threat. The caller was advised to contact her phone company.

Coulee Dam Police

8/20 - Police responded to a call from Bank of America security that requested an officer be present while the bank vault was closed. The police report stated that the bank manager was enroute to close the vault and a police officer had to be present when this was done. After the vault was closed and secured for the night the officer cleared the scene. Three days later the bank office was permanently closed.

8/23 - A vehicle parked facing the wrong way on Pine Street was observed for three days this way. On the third day an officer placed a warning ticket on the windshield.

- A man driving a lifted vehicle was given a warning by police for not having the required splash aprons (mud flaps).

8/24 - An officer talking with a driver at Jack’s Service in Coulee Dam could smell a strong odor of alcohol. After agreeing to a field sobriety test, the man finally said he couldn’t do the test. He was cited for driving under the influence, his car was towed and later the cited man was released to a friend.

8/25 - Police responded to a report of a tree being down from the wind storm. The caller said a tree was down on a house at 608 Fir Street.

- Officers responded to a call about a tree over the powerline on Columbia Avenue requiring traffic diversion.

- Officers issued scores of verbal warnings on minor infractions during the reporting period.


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